Samsung Galaxy Note CM9 ported ROM

Away from all the news about tomorrows unveiling of the next Galaxy S handset another one of Samsungs popular smartphones is the Galaxy Note. The smartphone tablet PC crossover has gained many fans across the world since it was first released, and today we have news of the Samsung Galaxy Note CM9 ported ROM.

Like many other Android smartphones owners like to install their own custom ROM, but as the Android Community are reporting what is the point of owning the Galaxy Note if you cannot use the stylus? Now owners of the device that are also fans of the popular custom ROM CyanogenMod will no longer have to ask that question thanks to the latest version of the ROM.

The update now brings with it support for the Samsung S-Pen, which is an active digitizer stylus that makes use of Wacom technology for improved accuracy and precision. The ported ROM can be downloaded via the XDA Developers thread here, but unfortunately it’s only available for the international version of the Galaxy Note so AT&T users are left out for now.

Currently the updated ROM is ‘mostly’ functional with many of the standout features from CyanogenMod9 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich itself are present, along with the S-Pen functionality. At the moment the Movie Studio application doesn’t work, CyanogenMod’s custom DSP manager is also broken, and the speakerphone is not working correctly.

Team Hacksung that are building this ported software from CyanogenMod’s open source code, are busy working on sorting out the issues though. Users that like Samsung’s custom applications and the S-Pen may want to wait for the official release of the Android ICS 4.0 update, as the company has already revealed that they are planning a number of new applications to take advantage of the S-Pen SDK, which will be available in the upcoming update.

Otherwise you could always go down the middle and install a leaked version of the official ROM for the AT&T or international version of the Galaxy Note. Do you have the Samsung Galaxy Note? What do you think of it?

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