iOS 6 questionable ideas for reality

With Apple’s WWDC 2012 coming up in June and the focus of the event being out about its operating systems we thought it was time to consider what could feature on iOS 6 and what ideas may come to reality. Although an appearance of the iPhone 5 at WWDC is questionable we do feel it’s pretty certain we’ll get a taste of what iOS 6 has to offer and hopefully a release soon, so let’s look ahead to just some of the things that iOS 6 could bring

Previously we’ve spoken about a few things that would be pleasing inclusions for Apple’s next mobile OS, such as more widgets, an alternative keyboard such as Swype, more launch shortcuts and computer control. However, the more iOS evolves, the harder it is to think about new features that are needed and increasingly Apple will be offering tweaks to the OS rather than major changes.

An article over on TUAW takes this into account and has usefully compiled some iOS 6 upgrade ideas, not including suggestions that would require a hardware update. We want to take a look at some of the ideas and also would like to hear from readers about what additions you would like to see on iOS 6.

Probably the biggest improvement that could feature would be to Siri, the much-debated voice recognition system. Although this was initially touted as a highlight of the iPhone 4S the service quickly became criticized as being under-developed although as TUAW point out, when it was launched last year Apple did point out that it was in the beta stage. It’s fair to say though that there’s a lot of scope for improvement and an expansion of Siri’s capabilities would be a big step forward in winning over more users of the service.

Another suggested feature is multiple users on the iPad. A valid point is made that although phones are very much personal items iPads are more generally shared around a household. We feel that multiple user support would be a much-appreciated feature for iOS 6 then. Facebook integration would be another beneficial feature for users who have noticed they use Twitter much more since it was integrated on iOS 5. Although this has featured in beta versions of iOS it has never come to a public release so although we think this would be useful we’re unlikely to see it just yet.

An improved Notification Center is also mentioned following the revamped notifications system for iOS 5. This was a big step forward but now the Notifications Center could use some enhancements, such as more widgets and the possibility of clearing notifications by swiping. Moving on then, multitasking gestures for the iPhone would be a good idea. This ability came to the iPad with iOS 5 and so being able to use similar gestures for the iPhone too would please a lot of people.

TUAW also suggests quick access to toggle Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G on and off and this could be achieved by various methods. For example, Bluetooth could be added to the multitasking bar. Another idea could be a swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display wireless service toggle buttons, in the same way as swiping down brings up the Notification Center.

Other suggestions for iOS 6 include auto-hide for an empty Newsstand, AirDrop for iOS, universal passcode locks for apps, multiple signature options for emails, improved cursor navigation and more. With WWDC little more than a month away we hope we’ll be finding out much more about iOS 6 then and of course will be keeping readers up to date with further developments.

We’d like to hear from you about what you’d like to see from iOS 6. Are any of the above suggestions something you would really like to see come to fruition? Have you any of your own ideas for something that you think would be really beneficial? Let us know by sending your comments.


7 thoughts on “iOS 6 questionable ideas for reality”

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    Rovair says:

    An updated contact list and message center. There should be pictures next to the name.

  2. Reply
    Kingsadhiul1 says:

    Make Ios 6 available to Iphone 3gs and later because it can run all the features possible even the games…

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    Docgreene1 says:

    What should the next iPhone have?

    By learning from my Macbook air… it must be thinner!
    1. The compass is still cool
    2. Maps rule
    3. Various clocks calculator etc, all that is good
    4. Cameras are great; leave them alone (do not put stupid 3D in there please!)
    5. iOS is kicking it well. Just keep up

    Possible new features,
    1. Solar charging?
    2. Thermocouple charging (from hand temp)?
    3. Infrared light (for night video and ‘temp sensing with cam’)?
    4. Solid aluminum body (like Macbook air)?
    5. Thunderbolt to Macs for charging and back up or to other iPhone etc.?
    6. More capacity (256gb)?
    7. Enable thumb drive access to part of drive in a sand box?
    8. Put the phone speaker on top, the home button on back and keep the whole front as a screen?
    9. Definitely make it styled like a Macbook air, sharp edges, wedged and ports in the sides for micro SDXC cards (for music videos of course ☺)
    10. Most important! Make it tuff enough that no one has to get a cheap plastic case for it.

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    Digitalis says:

    Similar to laptops, a power management screen, to allow you to set full brightness when plugged in to say, the car, but dimmer when on battery. To go with that, no auto lock when plugged in.
    Possibly allow an option to allow Siri’s voice over the dock connection.

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