iPhone 5 with pre-installed iOS 6 or updated iOS 5

Despite the ever-growing array of new smartphones the Apple iPhone 5 is still the handset that many want to know about, even though it’s release is still months away. One aspect that we’ve wondered about is whether the iPhone 5 will be pre-installed with iOS 5.1, an update to the current 5.0, or possibly even iOS 6.

Recently it seems that LTE connectivity is more likely than ever for the iPhone 5 and we’ve also speculated about whether it will feature a quad-core processor. However one thing that has not had nearly so much attention as specs is the operating system that the iPhone 5 will launch on. This factor is not always the obvious aspect that consumers may think about but could be extremely important to the success, or not, of the next iPhone. Many people expect the iPad 3 to launch with iOS 5.1 and as the iPad 3 is expected to be unveiled in March, an update to iOS 6.0 is certainly possible by the time of the iPhone 5 release, likely this summer.

Regardless of whether the iPhone 5 is launched on iOS 5.1 or iOS 6 there are many features that people would like to see from the next-generation iPhone operating system. iPhone 5 Latest has rounded up some of the key features that would be pleasing inclusions for the iPhone 5 OS. One popular addition would be more widgets, the small applications on the notifications drag-down menu. Many would like to see third party widgets such as Twitter being allowed for example, as well as the weather and stocks that currently appear. An alternative keyboard would also be a good move, such as Swype, which allows drawing and tracing movements. This doesn’t seem as likely as some other features just yet though but some would appreciate this.

Another thing that some users would like to see on the iPhone 5 iOS is additional launch shortcuts. The four current shortcuts icons for quick launching applications can be changed to suit your requirements but nevertheless only four shortcuts are available and this would seem to be something that Apple could easily change and a move that would satisfy many. One more option that is mentioned by iPhone 5 Latest is computer control. This would allow you to use your computer to send messages through your iPhone even if your phone were currently charging for example. Apple could develop this so that users could both send and receive texts through the iPhone 5 by way of the computer or there’s also the possibility that the iPhone 5 screen could be shown on your computer screen, sort of a remote iPhone.

There are some great suggestions for what consumers would like to see feature on the iPhone 5 operating system, whether in fact it is iOS 5.1 or iOS 6. We’d like to hear your suggestions for features that you’d like to see implemented so let us have your comments on this. If you’re not satisfied with the iPhone 5 OS would it put you off purchasing the phone completely?

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4 thoughts on “iPhone 5 with pre-installed iOS 6 or updated iOS 5”

  1. Cloudtamer says:

    Why is this author wasting time speculating whether a theoretical phone that has yet to be announced is launched with one OS that is still in BETA or a Theoretical OS that has yet to even be announced?  Here is the Answer…
    The iPad 3 that has not been announced yet but we have have seen somewhat creditable rumors will ship with the iOS 5.1 at the beginning of next month.  POSSIBLY.  Again RUMORS.  But that is easier to answer because of the iPad refresh schedule.
    As far as the new OS.  Wait until JUNE when they hold the developer confrence and announce any new OS to the Developers.
    As far as the new phone… Wait until the developers hack the new OS to see if they can find hooks in the new os to suggest the new hardware specs like they have EVERY YEAR.

    Get a news reader for RSS Feeds and subscribe to other news-feeds and quit speculating.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pointless theorising… could be written in 2 sentenses instead…

    1. The iPhone 5, if and when it is released, may or may not be released with iOS5, 5.1, or possibly iOS 6.
    2. There are some features such as Swype, widgets for notifcation centre and remote access via Macs, that people have purported to be interested in seeing on the next iOS.


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