Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 camera phones, 20MP, 1080p (30fps) video & 3D capture

Smartphones nowadays are equipped with cameras so impressive that the need to take your compact digital snapper with you as well as your phone is no longer a requirement. This of course doesn’t mean that we have hit the pinnacle of image taking abilities as Qualcomm strive to tell us.

Now you will have already heard the rumblings about their Snapdragon S4 processor on the approach to MWC 2012. But just recently the S4 title has reached us via an S4 Camera, or to be precise an Image Signal Processor or ISP. Packing the sort of technology that will lend Smartphones or Tablets the capabilities of a high-end digital camera. Considering that the recently unveiled HTC Titan II at CES 2012 featured a massive 16 Megapixel camera whilst using an S2 processor, the S4 introduction will be impressive.

Instead of the 16 Megapixels the S4 will allow your mobile device to shoot in 20 Megapixel stills and the obligatory 1080p video. It also commands the use of Qualcomm’s 3A technology, with Autofocus, Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance. Camera extras include smile degree, blink detection and gaze estimation.

If you check out the clip below you will also see how well the image stabilization works when compared to a standard set up. Other supported applications come in the form of gesture control, which is becoming more and more popular. So with advances to S4 power reaching out to our mobile devices, surely we are stepping closer to the one device to do everything world?

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