Verizon Galaxy S3 outed with dual-core benchmark

We have some good news today for those waiting to see if the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) would come to Verizon as this seems to have been pretty much confirmed according to benchmark tests that have been revealed. Many of the Big Red’s customers had hoped that Verizon would carry the Galaxy S3 as they missed out on the Galaxy S2 last year so this news should please an awful lot of people.

Previously we had discussed the odds of Verizon getting the Galaxy S3 and then further to that we had news that a leaked agent user profile suggested a Verizon variant. The latest news is that the carrier brand Verizon has been clearly shown on a NenaMark 2 benchmark for the device labeled SCH-I535. This test also seems to clear up the confusion about which processor the U.S variants of the Galaxy S3 would use.

Although the Exynos 4 quad-core processor had been confirmed for the international edition of the Galaxy S3 it was widely expected that the US version would be powered by the Qualcomm S4 Snapdragon dual-core processor instead, exactly the same as happened with the HTC One X phone for the US. We knew that the Galaxy S3 for the US would have 4G LTE connectivity and the Snapdragon dual-core processor enables this provision. This has now been clarified as the NenaMark 2 test seems to show a Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz dual-core processor as well as the Adreno 225 GPU, as reported by Phandroid, sourced from NenaMark.

Although some people may be disappointed by hearing the US version will be dual-core rather than quad-core we’ve already told how the Snapdragon S4 is certainly nothing to be sniffed at and should do a great job of powering this flagship device. A release date for the Galaxy S3 for the UK and Europe has been confirmed for the end of May but as yet there is still no official release date for the Galaxy S3 for the US. However we do know it will arrive in the summer and recent rumors suggest it could launch in June so there’s not too much longer to wait and now if you’re a Verizon customer it seems you can get ready to splash your cash.

Are you in the US and hoping to get your hands on the Galaxy S3? Maybe you’re a Verizon customer happy to hear it appears to be heading to the Big Red? Let us know with your comments.


14 thoughts on “Verizon Galaxy S3 outed with dual-core benchmark”

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    Will says:

    I live in central CT, USA and I’ve postponed upgrading my old iphone 3GS for about 6 months in anticipation of the S3 coming out. I’m currently an AT&T customer, and if they offered LTE in my area, I would have already upgraded to a One X. Verizon has the better network in the Northeast and I can’t wait to make the jump and get (arguably) the world’s best android phone

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      Anonymous says:

      I live in PA and I’m in the exact same boat. I wish Verizon would sell the One X or some variant like sprint, but since they aren’t I’m glad that they’ll at least have the s3

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    lgsedam says:

    I really think it’s bulls**t they went with a dual core processor. Why would you give everyone else around the globe that much power, and NOT the U.S.? I am seriously dissapointed by Samsung these days. First skipping out on Verizon, and now letting us have a dumbed down version compared to the rest of the world. I had the original Galaxy S and was waiting for the “big return.” I guess I’ve wasted my time…

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      JazzoRenee says:

      Samsung didn’t skip out on Verizon, Verizon skipped out on the Samsung S2 in favor of the Nexus. 

      I wish people would stop complaining if they don’t have an handle on their argument. 
      Make sure you have your facts straight.

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      JazzoRenee says:

      I have the Galaxy S and I will be HAPPY to upgrade to its BIGGER BETTER BROTHER. 

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    Bobby says:

    Look for all those people saying a dual core is a deal breaker there is a reason they put that in there. Quad cores are not yet compatible with LTE. So would you rather have a dual core phone or one that doesnt take advantage of LTE? In other countries they dont have 4g or LTE so they are able to get a quad core, but in the US we have it so we just have to deal with dual cores until they figure out how to put a quad core in an LTE device.

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    Amanz2ill4u says:

    T-Mobile is the only US carrier that has a good possibility of having a 4 core S III because T-Mobile doesn’t use LTE, rather HSPA+.

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    Ian Belcher says:

    Am I missing something?  Where is the benchmark?  The title of the article indicates there is a benchmark for the dual-core processor…

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