128GB SSD Dell Windows 8 tablet set for the fall

We’re hearing more and more about Windows 8 smartphones and tablets coming later in 2012 and now it seems that the first Dell Windows 8 tablet is also on the way. Dell seems to be making concerted efforts to reposition itself in the tablet market and the Microsoft Windows 8 tablet device is rumored to see a release in the late fall.

The new tablet has been revealed in leaked documents and as well as the Windows 8 OS some of the specs and features include a 10.1-inch HD display with resolution of 1366 x 768 and optional stylus, Intel Clover Trail Atom dual core processor, Intel integrated graphics, 8-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front-facing camera. It will also have 2GB of RAM and a whopping 128GB SSD, so you can see there are some very notable specs on offer.

News of this new tablet comes to us from BGR, sourced from Neowin, who point out the unusual offering of two sizes of removable battery for the device, one with battery life of around 6 to 8 hours and the other giving juice for 10 to 12 hours use. Other inclusions are fingerprint/smart card reader, WLAN + Bluetooth and mobile broadband options, speakers and stereo headphone/microphone combo jack. Dimensions are 274mm x 10.5mm x 177mm and it has a starting weight of 710g.

No details are available yet about pricing but you can bet we’ll be following developments on this Windows 8 tablet and will bring you more information as we hear it. You may remember that we recently told you about a Nokia Windows 8 tablet on the way and due in late 2012 and an HP Windows 8 tablet due in Q3. It certainly seems as though there will be a choice of Windows 8 tablets on offer to customers by late 2012 then and this will be good news to many people.

We’d like to know what you think of this upcoming Dell Windows 8 tablet. Are you thinking of a Windows 8 tablet for your next tablet choice? Could this Dell offering tempt you? Let us know by sending us our comments.


6 thoughts on “128GB SSD Dell Windows 8 tablet set for the fall”

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    Guest says:

    Certainly I will buy windows 8 tablet, but not in this year. I think it should be much cheaper in 2013 year.

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    Seguetrllc says:

    Definitely looking for a tablet with the Windows features – most importantly – in order to be really functional for business and pleasure – the tablet of choice will need ability to connect to internet through WIFI or service account; must have a USB 2.0 port (or 2); HDMI port would also be nice; must have ability to add keyboard and possibly hook up to large screen.  Data transfer, syncing and printing…bonus wish – accessory, a scanner or ability to hook up to a scanner.  (Android system – limited, cumbersome and bulky to use for a person who needs speed, reliability, durability, and mobility.

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    baneberrygirl says:

    If the Dell tablet is comparable in price to the Ipad, then I will buy it since Dell offers financing.

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