Wait continues for Asphalt 7 Heat Android game

The gamers on Android know that when it comes to mobile games, a new game normally hits the iOS platform before making its way to Android, and the same can be said for the latest Asphalt game. Asphalt 7: Heat hit the iOS platform back around the 21st of last month, and still Android continues the wait for the game to hit Google Play.

According to the guys over at The Droid Guy, Asphalt 7: Heat for Android was supposed to become available for Android gamers as of the 25th of last month, however for some strange reason the wait for Asphalt 7: Heat continues for the Android faithful.

It’s now the 2nd of July and this game that has been available to the iOS gamer almost two weeks ago has still failed to materialise on Google Play, the reason for which we are not too sure, but will naturally keep our readers update as and when we know.

Asphalt 7: Heat for Android will no doubt deliver the same features of the iOS version including 60 racing cars such as DeLorean, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ferrari, BMW, and enable the gamer to race those vehicles over 15 tracks set in real cities across the globe such as London, Paris, Hawaii, Rios and Miami.

The iOS version also offers three modes, which no doubt will also come over to Android, career mode, online mode, and quick race mode, with the career mode offering 15 leagues and 150 races.

But as stated earlier there is still no sign of Asphalt 7: Heat on Google Play, and no word on just when it is likely to surface. So we’d like to hear from our gaming Android readers, are you still patiently awaiting the arrive of Asphalt 7: Heat for Android, or are you now passed caring about this particular racing game on Android?


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    rich_bown says:

    Asked the question last week on facebook:
    Dear Gameloft,
    Why have you not made any comment on why Asphalt 7 has slipped past the
    promised release date? There are a ton of people who just want to know
    what is going on and have posted here, emailed, tweeted asking on forums
    etc. If there are issues, fair enough, we’re used to being second best
    behind ios, but we’d just like to know what is going on, any update you
    can provide your customers would be greatly appreciated rather than the
    current WALL OF SILENCE Thanks,

    and actually got a reply:

    Callum FromGameloft We
    met a slight delay with some final preparations of the Android version –
    we anticipate it will release this week sometime (though no exact
    details on when!)

    They don’t know and to be honest there seems to be a general lockdown on even discussing it, although they did release Spiderman last week without a hitch!

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    Trey says:

    Asphalt 7 is available, or I should say, through some leak. No confirmation on where they got it from, but looking at the version(as I download and play it myself) version is 1.0.0. Observing from this leak version, I can confirm, atleast theres a problem with graphics maybe thats they didnt release it yet. Low texture, no reflection etc.
    Im using Xperia Play, No problem t, no the game at all, playable, similar to ios. But the graphics isnt good enough and thats the only problem.
    Leaks comes from some Facebook page and spread fast in other forum sites.

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      Guest says:

      Thats exactly what i said. Except my comment, I guess, was deemed inappropriate or something…

  3. Gameloft screwed things up again like they always do with Android games.  Seems they ran into a last minute technical glitch which led to a delay.  As usual, the “short” delay is getting longer and longer.  I honestly don’t think Gameloft cares about Android users all that much, they don’t even reply to us on Facebook.

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      itscanny says:

      To add insult to injury, none of the small-time game developers seem to have “hitches” with Android game release.  If anything, a day or two at most is what I’ve seen.

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    Sushant Reborn says:

    I guarantee they’re getting added commission from Apple for this delay. If it had something to do with the android platform, Spiderman wouldn’t have released on the specified date as well. But Asphalt, being a demanded game as it is, was favoured more to iOS than Android. Just when people are wondering whether to buy a bloody iPhone or a Galaxy S3, Apple bought the gamer crowd loyal to games like Asphalt.. To shame!

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    kk says:

    I’m sure they working on IAP (in app purchases) just like in the iOS version. Cause it will get crackedin a few hours after release and money will be lost for Gameloft and Google Play. plus i doubt they will sell it for $1 like on iOS if no IAP’s inside their game app.


  6. Not interested anymore, I’ve got massive effect, king of fighters and dead trigger now to play this month so, MAYBE, I will get it next month…but only maybe.

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    Chilli_Axe says:

    I WAS waiting, but then I stumbled upon Dead Trigger. Not so excited for Asphalt anymore. :O

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    Misterstewart says:

    Gamelodt are always like this. Same thing with gangstar Miami, but this time they are worse because they gave a date. Gameloft are losing customer faith & happiness

  9. Great.  Now I get to wait even LONGER for the Kindle Fire version, even though it takes another 5 days usually to get it onto the Amazon Appstore after it comes out on Google Play.  Great job there, Gameloft. 🙁

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    Amr_lopin says:

    I jst cant understand gameloft..android customers r like trice the number of ios costumers and yet they cant even put the game on date??!!

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      John says:

      Yes but Android users are likely to spend 10 times less money than iOS users. That is why most developpers don’t even bother developping for Android, it cost too much, and the returns is very low. Also android user are most likely to pirate apps/games. You  are lucky they even bother to develop for your platform, so don’t be cry babies.

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        Amr_lopin says:

        Actually u pay same amount of money either on itunes or google play..and piracy is something they have to deal with..if companies think like that then why they still make games for windows for an example?

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    Bilal002 says:

    i think the reason for gameloft releasing the game on ios first is that there are only 5 ios phone but on the android there are about 50 

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    Rogier Boogaard46 says:

    but now its really gettin’ on my nerves that even after 2 weeks we dont get an actual real release date.. wt*

  13. im geting anoyed i have paid for the game off google androin apps for my xperia and when it starts downloading it cust out part way threw all the time and wont finish the rest of wht download wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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