O2 UK outage and network service update: A Fix

Update: A possible fix to get O2 UK network again, visit here for more info – update 2 below

Today is Thursday July 12 and O2 UK is having some serious problems with its network, we here at Phones Review are still experiencing call failures so we thought we would go into this a little further and give you the full network update report.

The O2 UK outage has left thousands of its customers without data and voice services across the country due to network issues, the problems started Wednesday 11th. Tesco Mobile and GiffGaff subscribers who also make use of O2 masts have also been affected by the problems. O2 claim that it is not geographic as some customers still have network, please do let us know if you are up and running without issues?

O2 reports that the problem is due to a fault with one of its network systems, we here at Phones Review use O2 UK and we have tried calling out to no avail, which is a great disappointment seeing as we use this network for business and pleasure. Receiving and making calls, as well as sending texts or using 3G data is a no go in Bristol for us.

Twitter is going a little mental today, actors and millions of others are tweeting saying that this is not acceptable and complaining that their service is down.

We looked a little more into this and the O2 service update page said at 05:40 that they are “continuing to drive the recovery of this issue with our support teams and vendors.” They are trying to restore service as soon as they can, if you visit this page here it will give you all the news you need by times. O2’s first message was at 16:45 yesterday reporting that they are aware of the issue with its network, well since this time we here at Phones Review reporting from Bristol UK can say network is still down.

We decided to take a look at O2’s scheduled maintenance plans, and according to its dedicated page between July 14 (10pm) and 15th (6am) this month O2 will be carrying out maintenance to its 2G network between, resulting in the loss of 2G services to sites for up to 4 hours in Croydon, cannot see this happening whilst the current issue stands.

Please do let us know if you are still having problems with the O2 network, please let us know what area you are from?

UPDATE 2: O2 have just put this up online “08:00 – We can confirm that our 2G network service has now been restored. Customers who were affected should now be able to make and receive calls.Our 3G service is starting to restore and customers should expect to see a gradual return of data services as the day progresses.Customers affected may wish to try switching their mobile phones off and on as service returns.We are sorry again for the inconvenience this has caused some customers and can provide reassurance that we continue to deploy all possible resources, and will do so until full service is restored.”


91 thoughts on “O2 UK outage and network service update: A Fix”

  1. Annemarietracey65 says:

    Live in Lancashire.Started with problems around 7pm on 11th July.  Service completely went, now just fluctuating brief seconds of service before it goes again! Soooo frustrating!!!

    1. Suzanne_412 says:

      I am unlucky enough to have an O2 contract and get such an awful service anyway that I didn’t even notice the outages! Sadly my son is on contract with Tesco mobile and most of the time his phone is switched off (he uses a PAYG on a different network)…guess what, we live in a really big town less than 15 miles away from O2’s head office! If you have the same problem with your service, don’t bother to contact them because they’re not in the least interested. Just waiting for my contract to end then goodbye and good riddence O2.

    2. Suzanne_412 says:

      I am unlucky enough to have an O2 contract and get such an awful service anyway that I didn’t even notice the outages! Sadly my son is on contract with Tesco mobile and most of the time his phone is switched off (he uses a PAYG on a different network)…guess what, we live in a really big town less than 15 miles away from O2’s head office! If you have the same problem with your service, don’t bother to contact them because they’re not in the least interested. Just waiting for my contract to end then goodbye and good riddence O2.

  2. Bubblevicky says:

    On tesco mobile and have been down since yesterday! Highly frustrating for work! In south york

  3. Iantaylor1969 says:

    I am in Stoke-on-Trent, my partner’s phone stopped working last night, my phone stopped getting O2 just 20mins ago!!! not happy…shame as i have never had an issue with O2 before.

  4. Niclvzday says:

    Hiya am in liverpool mine has been down since yesterday day time!! Grr
    Hw annoyin specially wen waiting for important calls!! O2 ge a move on plzzz!!

  5. Darkclown32 says:

    Me and my work mates all lost signal this morning. We are from penzance in cornwall

  6. Asd says:

    West London, everyone at the office lost their signal, mobile internet still works for some.

  7. D20david says:

    No problems yesterday and wondered what all the fuss was about but got up this morning to no signal – North Devon

  8. oh no o2 says:

    Hi, i am in Manchester. The service went down mid-text conversation at 4:10pm yesterday. I recieved a text overnight that had been sent much earlier in the evening. Still no service which isnt a problem as i pay £36 just for the craic. I knew i should have binned them for Orange at my last opportunity

  9. Redflag3 says:

    8am 12/7 Birmingham. Been without signalnow for 15 hours. My mobile is my business phone!! Can we expect compensation from O2 for what is a fundamental breach of contract? I don’t expect they’ll volunteer it so maybe a little pressure along these lines might have an effect.

  10. Russmape says:

    Strange. Have two phones bought at the same time one contract, 3 numbers apart and one works the other does not. BECKTON.

  11. Kel says:

    My mums and dads phones work fine but mine has been down since about 1 yesterday – really frustrating!

  12. Julesandclaire says:

    In London and no service at all – no incoming or outgoing phones, texts or data services.  Have O2 for both business and pleasure and it’s a nightmare! 
    My son is in France on a school trip and our phones are all on O2 and so we have no emergency contact numbers now….  Real problem.

  13. Bev says:

    I have 3 phones in the house on o2, only one works.. have intermitant service on my iphone and have received a couple of texts..very frustrating..Shefffield, Yorkshire.

  14. Jonathanstephens77 says:

    Service was fine until about 5am this morning, though the wifes service was down as of 2pm yesterday! Im in Bradford, Yorkshire, I think it must not be an area issue as my service was still running when the wifes went off.

  15. Adele Swain says:

    I have no Tesco signal in Mancheser but my mum around the corner is fine- makes no sense to me.

  16. Geoff Teale says:

    In central London (SW1) & no coverage here! No coverage in Oxford or West Wickham (yesterday afternoon either)

  17. Guest says:

    Had nothing for most of the day yesterday, and still no services this morning!

  18. D20david says:

    08:30 North Devon update. My data access appears to have returned with a sudden & massive influx of email on my Blackberry, but still can’t make calls or texts

  19. Bert says:

    Derby. Been unable to send texts or make calls since approx 3.30pm yesterday. Have received the odd text though.

  20. Nosignal says:

    In Alderley edge, Cheshire – Carrier says O2 (said no service yesterday) but I have no bars, tried switching off 3G… makes no difference. I lost service yesterday around 5pm but had full signal first thing this morning and though it had been sorted then it went again?? Good work o2!

  21. frenzy says:

    Had no service from about 4pm yesterday. Service resumed atabout 7am today but still having problems sending texts. Daughter has had no probs and we are in the same house!! Im calling for compensation as dont have landline and with two more children umder 3 its worrying not having a phone!!

  22. Jordanclements1983 says:

    I’m in Glasgow Scotland and have had no service since last night I live In hope!

  23. Sharky says:

    Bath, Somerset. Phone says connected to 2G but can’t make any calls. Did send a txt message but it took 5 minutes before it went.

  24. Krb981 says:

    My phone went down in the 11th at about 4.30pm in North Suffolk. Went to No Service and stayed that way. Driving down to London it hovered between NoService, Searching and 3G but no service strength. Switched off 3G and started working at M1/A406 junction. Working now in West London. My wife’s phone hasn’t been affected so far.

  25. Ati says:

    All over the UK staff in mobile services is of very low quality most of them donot know how to maintain and optimize services. There r 1000 of people working on network optimization but without strong theoretical background it is not possible. The board of companies only recuirt and advertise staff with experience in mobile systems. They donot care what degree they have. For example if someone has electronic engineering he will never understand the problem until he has his project in wireless. If we want quality of service we need only wireless com graduate.

  26. Ld says:

    O2 down in BIrmingham, neither of my phones are getting service, but my partner, in Burton on Trent, whose number is only one digit different to mine, has a working 02 phone. Go figure.

  27. Corinna818 says:

    If you have an iPhone or 3G if you go into network settings and turn the 3G off you will have full signal and be able to receive calls and texts! Corinna. Portsmouth

    1. www.onthemarquis.com says:

      Thanks for this. I tried it and it works! It’a a little annoying to say the least but I can call and text now, sorta, when I switch it off. Thanks again 🙂

  28. Missclloyd 19 says:

    I have not had network on O2 since wednesday afternoon around 2pm.

  29. mary says:

    east london no service…almost missed an interview because they couldn’t get through to me

    1. MikeC says:

      I did miss mine and i contacted a company i’d had an interview with on monday and they had to offer the job to someone else as i wasn’t answering my calls yesterday 🙁

  30. TiN TiN says:

    Changed my maxmum data speed on my phone from 3G to E and it’s working now =D

  31. CazzmeisterP says:

    Stirling, Scotland no problems yesterday but can’t do anything with my phone this morning 🙁

  32. Paul says:

    switched to 2g and power cycled fone, still no service in Formby, Merseyside

  33. Neelkbertelsen says:

    We have 2 numbers with O2 and neither are working since yesterday, locally or international. It is a major problem especially when you have kids, and you are trying to get hold of them to see where they are and or if they are safe.

    Hope they solve this problem soon. Thought the technology today would be able to work itself out quicker.

    Neelam Bertelsen
    Guildford Surrey

  34. Paul says:

    I have 3G but no service for voice calls or texts in the Shardlow and Sawley Derbyshire area.
    Whatsapp it is then..

  35. Watermelon says:

    Thank you Corinna! That worked perfectly – at least now I have phone/text service (in the Waterlooville area, just north of Portsmouth). Many thanks for that tip. 

  36. Ann Confrey says:

    I am in Edinburgh. Had a good signal up until about 8.00am this morning – now nothing. My partner is with Tesco mobile and he lost signal yesterday morning – apart from intermittent service for a few minutes during the early evening he is still without a signal.

  37. Najwa Ezzaher says:

    Hi. I’m from North West London.
    Yesterday I could not use any data of my phone.
    Since this morning I have been able to send texts messages and use internet.
    But I still can’t make any call, which is a very big issue as I’m a singer.

    Thank you to keep us up to date.
    Hopefully O2 will find the solution today!


  38. www.onthemarquis.com says:

    I’m in Central London using Tesco mobile PAYG. No calls or text but I can still surf the net. Been like this since bout 5pm yesterday. Feeling completely isolated not being able to text. Really annoyed about the lack of communication from Tesco mobile >:(

  39. Guest says:

    On Blackberry, turn off your 3G network and work on 2G only – you will then restore service.

  40. Jiggleywoo says:

    I had no signal yesterday in Newcastle, I’m now in Carlisle still with no signal. My partner has gone to Tenerife and she has had no signal for the same length of time. This has got to be the most inconvenient time for this to happen as we are both travelling and need our phones for the travel arrangements!!

  41. Jodyptodd says:

    London,still down,i use my phone for business and could be losing money, im angry and need it to work,grrr!

  42. CDog says:

    I am in Bangor Northern Ireland and I still can’t get any network! This is dispite the fact my boss who is sitting right beside me has full bars!!! This is a joke and has meant I can’t contact customers or recieve calls!! Hopefully O2 will get this sorted ASAP!!

  43. Joshua Mordecai says:

    I have signal in Nottingham however I am unable to send SMS messages or make phone calls… iPhone 4S on TMoble (O2)

  44. Tmckenna says:

    On I phone 4s turn data and 3G off and at least the phone works (in Warrington and wasnt working until this trick!)

  45. Gros29 says:

    I’m in Bedfordshire, most of my family are on O2 nnand Tesco and my father is disabled. he doesn’t have a landline because of costs and just has his mobile phone and I’m worried as he can’t contact us and we can’t contact him. I think I will go to somewhere else like Orange and buy a cheap phone for him temporarily just to be on the safe side. it isn’t good enough, I hope O2 and Tesco etc will be reimbursing customers as we are paying for a service that we are not getting!!!

    1. Rupertellingham says:

      Check you r phones as mine has just come back on . . every network get these problems . . Orange especially. SO it’s just a load issue as with any service, even your electric ! I know it can seem like you’ve had your arm cut off, but really, we did survive before the mobile. My father has an in house buzzer system that links to a local service for him at home. It works incredibly well and a great peace of mine as all of us live 50 – 140 miles away from him.

  46. Les J Ford says:

    I’m in Reigate and their is no signal here and the O2 status page has crashed

  47. Nosignal says:

    According to o2 – If you turn off 3G your phone “Should” work again. It works on mine – Alderley Edge

  48. Zesty says:

    I have just gone into Carriers on my settings mode on Iphone and set it to automatic – am now getting full service again after it being off since yesterday afternoon – hope this may help!!!

  49. Paul says:

    Changed from dual to 2g and power cycle didnt work!!!

    I then did a manual network search and got a connection!!

  50. Jacqui says:

    In Hampshire I have excerllent signal however hubby doesn’t have nothing!! He only lost his signal this morning!!

  51. Jaynebarlow68 says:

    10.09 in Thornton Cleveleys I am not able to make or receive calls.  I am still receiving emails

  52. Chantal Knottley says:

    turn your phone off and take your battery out for 20sec and it should work it has for me hope this helps 🙂

  53. Al L says:

    I live in hackney, dalston, was able to make calls/data connections yesterday – 11 july had issues with net access only because i’d just bought a new phone and some game apps were automatically connecting, through ads.

    Today couldn’t make a call this morning, and just having heard about the issues switched it of and on, fiddled around the settings stopped data connections, 2g started can now make calls/text and internet.

    I’ve no idea if i affected the change or o2 fixed the problems in my area.

  54. Kirsty says:

    SE1 in London, can’t make calls from Orange bberry, email ok. 20 minutes ago I could get through to the internal (150, 345) helpline but could not get connected through to anyone once reaching the end of the answer options.  Now I cannot ring to these internal numbers.  The voicemail says ‘calls to this number are barred’ (ie the number you are ringing to)

    1. Kirsty says:

       Ahem, I’ve been changing banks and the direct debit hadn’t transferred successfully between banks.  My phone had been blocked for not paying the bill.  There we go.

    2. Denise says:

      me in same area, snap, could not make or receive calls, or call tones just drop and cant send receive text or come thru hours later. Rang up the service just to get a singing woman on it for 10 mins from my land line as cant call from 150 number since phone call keep dropping. so thanks to them I have wasted two lots of land line calls for nothing. It took over 5mins pressing numbers on their machine before I got the singing woman. Then was put in a long queue

  55. Sally says:

    No signal on 02 mobile Thrapston, Northamptonshire since 4pm today 19 July

  56. Jaxofgoole says:

    Goole east yorks no signal then got one bar just put my sim back in iPhone 3GS buy weirdly it has been working mainly occasional signal loss in a cheap basic Nokia tried a new sim and had my number transferred but no good . After ringing my house phone briefly tried again and now searching Tesco mobile p***ed off totally.

  57. Paul Hale says:

    It is the 6th August and still having problems with signal in the waterlooville area, one minute i have full signal, then no service ! I am not getting calls through hardly and then voicemails come through !! this is getting tedious. Thanks O2

  58. Jane says:

    No usable service for three days now.
    Can’t message/phone my kids in an emergency.
    Can’t contact Tesco ‘customer service’.
    Can’t cancel card details and stop this month’s payment.
    Phone saying ’emergency calls only’ despite full signal bar.
    Texts all saying ‘failed’.
    This service is even more dire than my previous provider’, vodaphone 🙁

  59. Denise says:

    I am in London and put in post code and it stated a mast is not working in my area of which explains since yesterday I have not been able to use either of my phones properly, I get call drops or cant make them at all and texts dont go through and when people try reply they just get my voice mail. Its a flaming nuisance. Not much good in an emergency is it.

  60. Denise says:

    To add I waited 10 mins to try and speak to T mobile as I have orange on my phone now to, this was added as extra feature, but all I got was music playing and a wasted phone bill. Press this number, press that number.

  61. Leerotherhamuk says:

    Rotherham South Yorkshire, still no network but my friends who live in the same area are not having any problems at all, all my phone is saying is searching then no network 🙁

  62. dave says:

    I have 2 o2 phones. I lost the signal on 1 phone today at 3:30p.m & it’s still not working. Fortunately my other o2 phone has experienced no problems & i’m using it to post this comment. O2 you bunch of amateurs. I’m in rochester,Kent.

  63. danny says:

    I contacted 02 last night about this problem and they have told me they are to compensate all affected customers and they said they are going to ring them all (lol) id ring if you were affected and clame some hard credit back ..

  64. TOAMY says:

    Living in south Aberdeenshire, we have had no O2 service for four days now, keep on complaining but, no further forward with any info. Disgraceful