InstaWifi for Android should be native not third party

If your friends and family are constantly asking for your password so they can use your WiFi network it can become quite annoying, but if you are using an Android device there is now an app that can sort out that little problem for you, and that app is called InstaWifi for Android.

The InstaWifi Android app enables the user to instantly connect to a WiFi network along with sharing WiFi networks with family and friends by way of QR codes or NFC and thus can be used by anyone with an NFC enabled Android smartphone.

If your Android smartphone is NFC enabled the InstaWifi app lets you write to an NFC tag so others with NFC enabled devices just need to tap to connect, and you can tap your device to another NFC device to enable others to join you.

If however your friends don’t own an NFC enabled device, the InstaWifi app for Android allows QR code use for a WiFi network, while you tap for NFC activities the app also generates a QR code, and as long as your friends have a QR code scanner app they can access your WiFi network.

If your Android device is rooted, the app will ask for root on start up in order to auto-grab your WiFi password, and will auto-type the password in so you don;t have to, and root access isn’t required.

And we have a short video demonstration showing just how InstaWifi for Android works, courtesy of YouTube user Meltedxice, so head on down below and mash that play button to check out the footage, and you can download the InstaWifi app for free from Google Play.

Do our Android readers out there think that this should be native on android devices instead of installing third party apps like InstaWifi? Feel free to let us know your opinion by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


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    Giovanni says:

    Wi-Fi recognition via NFC, should be native not only on Android, but all platforms supporting NFC. If NFC could issue a standard way of storing wi-fi SSID info on NFC tags, it’d be universal across all devices. One tag for all devices.

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