Apple vs Samsung quibbling attorneys to meet

As the patent infringement battle between Apple and Samsung continued to roll on, it appears that even the presiding judge in the trial is beginning to lose patience with the two battling tech firms and their quibbling attorneys, and as such has ordered both Apple and Samsung attorneys to get together and hammer out joint jury instructions.

Judge Lucy Koh has stated that the court is somewhat disappointed by the parties reports on their meet to hash out efforts on final jury instructions, according to an article over on Cnet by way of FOSS Patents, and as such the judge had ordered on Sunday “Lead trial counsel shall meet and confer in person today and file joint and disputed final jury instructions by Monday, August 13, 2012 at 8 a.m.”

Apparently the judge issued the order because both Apple and Samsung accused each other of hindering the jury instruction process, with a filing by Apple on Friday claiming that although they have diligently tried to advance the process, Samsung has obstructed their efforts.

However old Sammy thinks otherwise and responded that they have actually agreed to in excess of 20 Apple proposed revised instructions , and continues to review the remaining disputed instructions from Apple for any common ground, whilst Apple has apparently only agreed with 2 complete instructions that have been drafted solely by Samsung.

This disagreement on just what the jury should be told when both firms rest their case is just the latest row between the two tech firms, and the final jury instructions will not be required for another week or so; however Judge Koh is looking for enough time to consider her decision on the dispute.

So that’s the latest in the Apple verse Samsung patent saga, but no doubt it wont be the end in this continuing legal fight that no doubt most have becomes tired of, and what to end as quickly as possible so that both companies can return to the business of delivering products rather than fighting over patents.

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