LG Nexus 4 issues found before release

At the beginning of last week Google unveiled its new range of Nexus hardware that included the LG Nexus 4. The announcement of the upcoming smartphone has got many Android fans looking forward to get their hands on the device, but some LG Nexus 4 issues have been found before release.

The device is going to be competitively priced once it launches on the Google Play Store in just under a week’s time, and for your money you get a 4.7-inch smartphone powered by the quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor clocked at 1.5GHz coupled with 2GB of RAM. The display has a resolution of 1280 x 768 and the device has protection on the front and back from Gorilla Glass.

As think digit are reporting it’s the presence of Gorilla Glass on the back of the handset that is causing some concern, as many believe a slight drop of the device will cause the glass casing to crack even though it is scratch resistant.

There are some more concerns about the handset that have emerged ahead of the handsets availability, which surround the smartphones internal components. The device uses the Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC, quad-core 28nm Krait CPU with Qualcomm’s next-gen Adreno 320 GPU, and these internals have been tested by the team at AnandTech.

There were a number of benchmarks used but it seems something is slightly off regarding the performance. It was found that smartphones that were powered by the older Adreno 225 GPU performed much better compared to the Nexus 4.

In certain circumstances there was a big difference that according to AnandTech “ARM shows the biggest gains here once again thanks to its move to unified shader architecture. The Adreno 320 does ok here but it’s really no better than the 225, I suspect there is some thermal throttling happening on the device.”

Inside the Nexus 4 the Adreno 320 performed worse than the older 225 that may be down to some thermal throttling, and because of this you would have thought that Battery life on the Nexus 4 would be excellent.

Trouble is other tests showed this not to be the case with the Nexus 4 trailing far behind the likes of the HTC One X, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and Samsung Galaxy S3. Other tests of the CPU proved the Nexus 4 equal or even better than other hardware using the S4 chip, but there seems to be a problem with Android V8 optimization with performance seemingly underpowered.

Besides these problems the handset doesn’t feature LTE connectivity and there is no option of expanding the on board storage any further, which may not concern some and the pricing of the device will be a big pull along with the fact it will launch with Android 4.2, and as with any Nexus hardware enjoy a vanilla Android experience.

Will you still be getting the Nexus 4?


15 thoughts on “LG Nexus 4 issues found before release”

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    KeithS says:

    Why do write ups on android phones without expandable memory always get mentionedof tthe fact. But iPhone never has and never will but its never mentioned as a minus point. That’s put down to apple knowing better than the great unwashed.

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      David says:

      Maybe this analogy helps? Android is like that kid that always gets 90% on exams. When the kid gets 80% on one exam, everyone makes a big deal about it even though 80% is still a great mark.
      Apple is like the kid that gets consistently gets 70% on exams. You don’t really criticize him that much and just reward him for a job well done no matter what the outcome.

      Now i’m not saying Apple is an inferior product to Android, it’s just that when you’re expected to perform a certain way and you do not (Nexus 4), people like to criticize.

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    Kulz says:

    I just ordered a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Titanium Grey… it was hard to decide… And the Nexus did turn me on but sadly I don’t know after all the speculation if it will be a device that I can live with. For those who buy it, good luck and I’m sure the weaknesses seen so far are down to it being pre-production and the release version will be better. But for me personally, it still won’t have a MASSIVE display which I’m sure I will love for games, videos, browsing and pretty much everything else I use a phone for and it is a powerhouse so lag shouldn’t be an issue. Thanks phonesreview for helping me make my mind up.
    Peace and love (but not for iphone :p)

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    dave says:

    Andtech tested a pre release device. The glass is the same as the iPhone 4s yet reviewers said its the best build quality. Again an amazing android device gets slated. I will be buying this !!!!!!

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    LondonGadgetLover says:

    I will be buying the Nexus 4. I have had iPhone (garbage) , S Galaxy Note (great but its too big), and Windows 7.5 (loads of catching up to do, don’t like Microsoft’s data gathering)…I prefer Android. Nexus 4 (£279, 16GB version) way cheaper than Galaxy S3 (£359 minimum on Amazon). I don’t need LTE (the plans are expensive and no gurantee of coverage). Nexus 4 specs are great. price is far cheaper than other similar smartphones.

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    timstar says:

    Amean in certain area’s I can’t be basis about what the writer is saying about the p performance of the nexus 4 I totally agree it is abit slow. Becuz I have a nexus 4 ryt now and I really like nexus fones but this is really missing something its not performing the way it should chrome on it is very slow and the back of the phone gets really hot while using it.and the battery life is not all that gud to be honest.but I kno that Google will fix all of these issues, well I’m hoping lol.

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