Samsung Galaxy S3 Black 64GB UK Pre-order, come on Note 2

If you are one of the Android faithful over here in the United Kingdom, and you have a preference for black handsets and have been waiting to be able to pre-order the black 64GB version of the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S3, you’re in luck because the if you want to pre-order the device as an unlocked smartphone.

For those that might have been waiting for it, you can now slap in your pre-order for the unlocked and SIM free 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 in black by visiting UK online retailer Clove, who have the black model of the Android handset priced at £600 inclusive of VAT.

However, although Clove is taking pre-orders for the device, it doesn’t mean the retailer will stock the Galaxy S3 64GB in black, as apparently that will depend on just how many pre-orders they receive in a period of two weeks. If enough pre-orders are received then Clove will range the handset, and will ask customers to confirm their pre-order and pay for the smartphone.

As for when the black 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 will be in stock if the company decide to range the device, it is expected the smartphone will become available in roughly two-months time, so a bit of a wait on your hands if you really want this black model.

Now that the black 64GB SGS3 is going to release in the UK, and the Note 2 has been available in the UK for a while now, perhaps old Samsung should hurry up and bring us the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in black with 64GB.

Will any of our UK readers be placing a pre-order for the Galaxy S3 64GB in black, and would you like to see a black 64GB Galaxy Note 2 surface?


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