Proscan 4.0 Android 8-inch tablet, worth contemplating

There seems to be an Android slate that is quite difficult to get hold of at the moment, so difficult that we have only managed to locate one place where people can pick up the tablet if desired. The Android slate we are talking about is the Proscan 8-inch 4.0 tablet, an ICS tablet that is worth contemplating considering the reasonable price tag the slate carries.

The Proscan slate sports an 8-inch capacitive multi-touch display with 800 x 600 resolution, along with 4GB storage, 512MB RAM, WiFi, HDMI-out, a front facing camera of some description, 720p, and runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and that’s basically all the specs that are listed.

However doing a search, I discovered someone who actually managed to purchase the Proscan 4.0 Android 8-inch tablet, who gives a bit more information on the Android slate.

Android Tablets forum member PLAX, states that the slate is distributed by Canadian company Curtis International, and gives us more specifications on the device stating the tablet sports a 1.2GHz Boxchip A10 processor along with a 400Mhz GPU, that front facing camera turns out to be 1.3 megapixel, has 802.11b/g/n WiFi, support for 1080p / 3D video output, and packs a 4400mAh battery.

However despite being an Android 4.0 slate it appears that people that do own one have been experiencing quite a problem with accessing Google Play, with several saying that the tablet crashes every time, and thus you can’t download any apps.

The only place we have managed to locate the Proscan 4.0 Android 8-inch tablet up for sale is over at Biglots, where the slate is up for grabs for $119.99.

Do any of our readers own a Proscan 4.0 Android 8-inch tablet, if so what is your opinion of the slate?

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  • wthello

    So you really have no info, so …..go buy one and then post!!! Stop wasting space and my time

  • wthello

    BTW the one frorm Big Lots is 7″- Huh??

    • LinuxMage

      I am only just seeing your questions months after asking…The model I purchased from Big Lots is an 8 inch. I visited Big Lots numerous times since Jan. 2013(currently may 2013) and have seen a 7 inch Proscan for sale.

      • LinuxMage

        Oops…have NEVER SEEN a 7inch Proscan. I have seen Uniden, Craig and Google 7 inch models for sale no Proscan units of that size

  • LinuxMage

    I have a Proscan 8 inch, 4.0 Android that I bought from a Big Lots in North Carolina, USA, mid-October 2012. I have not encountered an issue with doing loading from Google although I prefer (and usually can find specifically desired apps) 1 Mobile Market, SlideMe and to a lesser extent GetJar. However I have found the Tablet or maybe it the app–Crackle Movies and Television- crashes every time. It can take up to 3 days to watch a 1:35 movie…Clicking resume does not always work if the program stops. I discovered this bug happened with Tunein Radio too. I found that sometimes the device would stop working(apps) and return to “Home Screen”. Usually a restart would fix the problem but as with Crackle; having to restart multiple times–I would become irritated and shut it down and this is why it could take so long to watch a single video. The device has an excellent display and sound but the constant crashing is a serious issue. The device is cheap enough to buy as a test, toy or backup Slate/Tablet but if the money is tight and you can only purchase one—Emerson/Craig/Uniden/Polaroid and etc. 4.3 to 7 inch tablets may be a more reliable and/or better choice.

  • LinuxMage

    A quick addendum: Since my previous post I used the Proscan with Tunein Radio and it worked well with no issues. Likewise, I verified that the device comes with the Google Play “White Shopping Cart” Widget so downloading from Google’s App site is not problematic. I am not sure why, but I am occasionally receiving a Low Memory Warning Message. This occurs intermittently and I am NOT running numerous apps simultaneously. Clicking on “OK” on a tiny window which appears resolves the matter. Watching AAA Classic Movies on the device works extremely well. Point being some video apps function without malfunction and battery life is exceptional esp when compared to the 4.3 Emerson or Craig Tablets. Finally, the back panel becomes noticeably warm to the touch with extended use.

    • Ike Rose-Author

      Whre did you find that Google Play Widget on the Proscan??

      • LinuxMage

        Strictly speaking it is “Shopping Cart” does not say Google Play.

        • LinuxMage

          And I am sorry..I omitted where to find….The “White Shopping Cart” widget is located on the Upper Right Hand Corner of the “Settings” Screen…It will not be possible to download from Google App Store but I found that a combination of 1 Mobile Market AND Aptoid(must install the .apk Aptoid app) will find and download most apps available on Google. The reason that Aptoid is needed is that sometimes when attempting to install from 1 Mobile Market you will receive a “Unable to install due to a Parse Error” prompt and for some reason Aptoid can work around this issue.

  • Vladimir Dolgov

    I return it on second day, too slow, ,low quality picture, and bad camera. But for kids it is nice.

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