Rogers New Unlimited Talk Text and Internet options for Canada

The use of mobile phones has grown a great deal in recent years and many of us would be lost without our handsets in our pockets or bags. The way we use our mobile phones has changed as well with the devices being used for many things besides making calls, and we now have news for mobile users in Canada as Rogers has some new unlimited talk, text, and Internet options.

As an article over on RedBoard is reporting the use of smartphones has meant that tasks that were once confined to a desktop computer are now being carried out on handsets that have become more powerful and faster, and Rogers now has 65% of its customers using such devices.

This compares to 56% of the population in the country that use their smartphones to access the Internet at least once during the day, but for some this can prove to be expensive if they are not on the right monthly mobile plan.

Now the Canadian carrier is offering its customers some new plans that offer a better solution for 2012 in how its customers now use their mobile phones. The plans according to the carrier have been made easier with new Unlimited Talk and Text plans along with new options for Wireless Internet.

Many customers of Roger’s can get access to the new plans with unlimited talk time with more wireless Internet for only a small amount more than they are currently paying. The new price plans begun on the 7th of November for new customers, but existing users can also update their monthly plan to one of the new options at anytime at no extra cost to move.

The new plans have been designed to be straight forward with new categories added to help customers choose the right plan for them. The Occasional plan is ideal for users that only use the Internet to look at a few pages at a time, but if you make use of things such as Facebook and upload photos or checking emails the Social plan will be for you.

If you enjoy streaming music with the occasional video download or playing online games the Streamer plan will be ideal, but if you spend most of the day on the Internet using a tablet and smartphone the Connected plan will be the one to choose.

Have you got one of Rogers new plans?

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