iPhone 5S trials next month, iPad mini 2 next year

You may have already heard the rumours that Apple will at some point be delivering another iOS smartphone, with this new handset following the likes of the iPhone 4 by adding an ‘S’ to its name, in the form of the iPhone 5S, although whether the new device comes out sporting that moniker remains to be seen.

Anyway, we have a bit more news on the iPhone 5S front today courtesy of Phone Arena and by way of Taiwan newspaper Commercial Times, which claims that Apple will begin production trials of the iPhone 5S sometime next month.

Word is the improved version of the iOS smartphone initial batch trials will be 50,000 to 100,000, with the device expected to enter volume production for Q1 of 2013, so if true we could possible see the iPhone 5S surface in the not too distant future, considering Apple has already broken their usual upgrade cycle with the iPad 4.

Naturally as it is very early days, there is no word on just what improvements the iPhone 5S will deliver over the iPhone 5. However like we have previously said, the device would need to offer ground-breaking specifications and features, and not just a slight improvement over the iPhone 5 otherwise Apple runs the risk of losing some of the iOS faithful.

Furthermore, if the possibility of an iPhone 5S isn’t enough, the Taiwan paper also claims that an upgraded model of the iPad mini, presumably called the iPad mini 2, will possibly see a release roughly a month after the arrival of the iPhone 5S, although again no word on what improvements the iPad mini 2 might offer.

So there you go, it looks like the mobile space could be seeing both the iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2 in 2013 if everything turns out to be spot on, but just what improvements these Apple devices will offer remains to be seen.


5 thoughts on “iPhone 5S trials next month, iPad mini 2 next year”

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    enough says:

    I’ve got iPhone 2, 3 , 3gs, 4 ,4s,5 and Now what 5s?? Spent a hundreds and have to spend mohe?? I’M fed up!

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      Guest says:

      Do you think they’re just going to stop making new products? Why don’t you stop buying a new one every year?

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    Stand668 says:

    What!!! I thought it was going to be the iPhone 6. But this will be good cause we all need a new iPhone an possibly a new design for the iPhone 5s which will be good cause with the iPhone 5 they were supposed it get rid of the iPhone 4, 4s look. I hope this won’t just be a slight upgrade it better be a lot and if they don’t want the new iPhone to have a new design and be called the 5s then jus skip that and go to the iPhone 6.

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    mike says:

    jajaja those apple fanatic are just idumb jajaja iphoe 5 is just for selling on thanskgiving and chrismas the real new phone are the s versions so if you buy 3,4,5 is and upgrade but 3s,4s,5s are the hardware upgrade. like windows version and service pack version the good ones are the Services Pack versions.

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