Nexus 7 Google Play purchases will not get voucher

The other day we informed our readers that those who purchased the 16GB Nexus 7 before Google announced the 32GB models that they would receive a voucher to the tune of 30 Euros, if they purchased the slate before the price drop. However it now appears that people who purchased the Nexus 7 from Google Play do not qualify for that refund voucher.

Apparently Asus, the maker of the Nexus 7 took to their official Twitter account to clear up the confusion over the voucher scheme, reports Android Community, by way of Slash Gear, with Asus apparently announcing that any tablet purchase from Google Play are not eligible for the Asus refund.

Word is the confusion over the voucher scheme had arisen due to the Asus site for the coupons doesn’t make any mention about Google Play, and as such most owners that bought their Nexus 7 from Google Play were under the impression that their tablet qualified.

The tweet from Asus said…”Just to clarify, the Asus Nexus 7 coupon offer is NOT available to customers who have purchased their device from Google Play.”

Apparently the confusion set in because originally Asus stated that for a tablet to be eligible it had to be purchased at our physical channels and online shops. But Asus failed to state which stores are included, and as one would assume Google Play is about as official as one can get when it comes to an Android device, it is easy to understand how users have become confused.

Word is Asus is getting some stick over the matter with some customers claiming the firm is being somewhat unclear so that customers have to give their personal info before finding out that that are not entitled to a voucher. On the other hand, spokespeople for Asus UK have apparently said that it was clear which stores were eligible for the refund.

So basically if you purchased your Nexus 7 from Google Play you are not entitled to a voucher as devices sold on Google Play are independent of Asus.


2 thoughts on “Nexus 7 Google Play purchases will not get voucher”

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    Melanie Pendrey says:

    Disgusting, brought the Nexus 7 from google play a few weeks ago and now the same price £159.00 but with more memory -16GB .

    1. Reply
      Kristoff119 says:

      Love it! Glad I paid what I did for a great tablet. I’m so happy I waited for an amazing device like this and don’t regret not waiting months longer!

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