Windows Phone 7.8 features revealed look promising

Windows Phone 7.8 is rumoured to be arriving sometime in the first quarter of 2013, and is an update to the Windows Phone platform for older devices. It isn’t really known what exact features the Windows Phone 7.8 update would deliver; however it appears a slide has now surface that is presumed to be from Nokia that deliver a bit more detail.

The leaked slide comes from Chinese site Winp.cn, and mentions the new start screen along with 3 live tile sizes that the user can work to create a personal and unique experience. Windows Phone 7.8 will also provide security updates for IE, but it appears that the browser itself wont get upgraded.

Apparently the Windows Phone 7.8 update will also deliver twenty themes in total to match those available in Windows Phone 8, whilst the update will also support the editing of MP3 files on a users handset.

Furthermore, the word is the update will include the customisable lock screen, which wasn’t originally expected, and will enable the user to choose an application that will periodically change the lock screen like ESPN, CNN, Bing and such, and adds a nice touch to the update.

Of course there is a Windows Phone 7.8 beta ROM available that some have already downloaded and apparently works quite well, so those that are already using the beta ROM might be content enough with to to grab the official update once it arrives.

Some have said that the Windows Phone 7.8 beta ROM on the Samsung Focus is very nice, and it has been suggested that it is even better than the official Windows 7.8 update due to all the extras it includes.

Microsoft is expected to include more goodness for consumers that remain on legacy hardware, but hopefully we will learn more on just what that goodness will include near the time they release Windows Phone 7.8.

Any of our Windows Phone toting readers waiting patiently for the official Windows Phone 7.8 update to be released?


4 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7.8 features revealed look promising”

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      MS 31684 says:

      first understand that both OS 7.5 and 8 are different…so everything that MS has written for 8 might not directly be included in 7.5 as it differs at heart…if u want good update and better features then you have to wait…enjoy 7.5 till that time its not bad at all..especially if ur Nokia user…XBOX smartglass and companion app for my 7.5 phone is already in store..

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      MS 31684 says:

      Just bcos some new things are gona come…u cant overlook the existing OS…and this WP8 will be upgraded for many years as i dont see any drastic route to write OS again from scratch…so hopefully next time we wont be waiting for updates like this…

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