HTC DROID DNA screen disappoints before release

There has been a lot of excitement in the last few weeks of a new 5-inch smartphone from HTC making its way onto the US carrier Verizon, which we saw numerous leaks leading up to the official launch earlier this week. One of the major pulls towards the handset is the display it will be using, and now the HTC DROID DNA has been pitted against its rivals before the release later this month.

The guys over at Gizmodo have managed to get their hands on the HTC DROID DNA, and early indications are that the screen is great, but they decided to test it against some of the handsets biggest rivals.

They put the upcoming HTC smartphone up against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, iPhone 5, Nexus 4, HTC One X, and Nokia Lumia 920 with all of the displays turned up to maximum brightness. In the image that can be seen below the first thing to standout was that the DROID DNA didn’t have the brightest screen amongst the group, which went to the iPhone 5.

The HTC One X even seems a little brighter and the LCD 2 display on this handset was previously favoured by the site, but the Super LCD 3 found on the DROID DNA was found to be a little lacking. It obviously shines in pixel density but colour and brightness was found to be mediocre, and even got beat by the HTC One X that has been available for a while now.

In the tests the HTC DROID DNA was ranked third overall for its display by Gizmodo, but you would have thought the newer device would come out best of the HTC hardware. The colour representation was found to be quite blue in appearance with skin tones not being what they should be.

The screen is by no means a bad one and there is a very slight improvement in sharpness, but this doesn’t make up for the poor colour or dimmer screen according to the site, and considering the display is the big selling point of the handset you would have expected more.

Will you still be getting the HTC DROID DNA?

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  • lostphantom1

    I think it’s funny how people think that if the screen is brighter its better. but it’s not brightness can ruin the sharpness of videos and pictures if you want something really bright buy a flashlight not a phone

  • Al

    I think the DNA actually looks very sharp compared to the other screens. No fuzz around the letters. Maybe it’s just me though

  • Brandon Hendershot

    What’s up with the RGB on the Note 2? D:

    • Jon Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

      It’s PenTile, so… Yeah…

  • exeter

    Today I asked for this phone to buy it but the virgin media shop assistant told me that she had never heard about this phone.

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