Nexus 4 pricing challenge with affordable iPhone in 2014

One of the best affordable smartphones to release this year with top specifications has to be the Google Nexus 4 by LG, and with its price tag for the cheapest model at $299 (£239) rising to £279 ($349) for the 16GB that is very cheap indeed. When it comes to an Apple smartphone there is no way you can get an iPhone without contract for this sort of money, well this could all change with the new iPhone in 2014.

There is a slim prospect that in 2014 there will be a new iPhone release with a super sub-$200 price tag, if this does materialize then it is safe to say that Apple will have the bull by the horns and control the smartphone market without any fret at all to wobble them, even from Google. To date we believe the LG Nexus 4 is one of the best and cheapest smartphones with an affordable price stamp and great specs, and this was proved by being one of the quickest sell outs in history.

Google put in place a great market strategy and reports over on Business Insider via some analyst states that Apple could follow suit in 2014, Apple to date has always put a heavy pricing on its iPhones and they are most definitely missing out in the affordable market sector as not everyone can afford a new iPhone.

It is thrilling if all comes to light and proves to be true because a budget-priced iPhone with a $200 price point target will be greeted with open arms by the masses. Apple already has a massive market but they can gain new users from around the world without jeopardising the brand and quality that they have sustained so far. The iPhone 5 is fairly pricy and that handset does not come without a few problems such as chips and scratches, loss of WiFi and in some cases iMessage issues, but all these things can be ironed out. An iPhone built with cheaper materials such as a plastic backing rather than aluminum makes sense really.

Could be built like this again, cheaper to prodcue

Apple already plays the big game of consuming a massive following; they could double its followers by producing a new affordable $200 iPhone. Obviously this is all speculation at the moment, but it is unquestionably worth thinking that it will become a certainty.

The rumor mill in the world of Apple is always in question but this actually makes sense, they need to stay with its pricing strategies they already have in place because it works, releasing a new iPhone around the $200 mark will not discredit them as a quality brand it would in fact credit them as a brand for the user. The new 2014 iPhone does not need to be over powerful, it can be built with less expensive materials and in a way go back to the plastic back they ones had with say the iPhone 3G, and could be on par with smartphones such as the Nexus 4.

Please do let us know what you think, would you buy a new less powerful cheaper built Apple iPhone if it had a price tag of around $200?


8 thoughts on “Nexus 4 pricing challenge with affordable iPhone in 2014”

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    Canadian says:

    My Service Provider is on AWS. Apple refuses to make Iphone that have AWS. I would not get an Iphone even for FREE.
    Why you ask ? Well up in Canada most SP are sons of B******. FInally new entrants are unlimited Talk & Data. Why would I spend more money. That somes means 4 times.

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    ratnok says:

    “There is a slim prospect that in 2014 there will be a new iPhone release with a super sub-$200 price tag, if this does materialize then it is safe to say that Apple will have the bull by the horns and control the smartphone market without any fret at all to wobble them, even from Google.”

    WOW. Idiotic speculation at best. Cultish pay-for-blogging at worst. Thanks for making sure I never read an article from you hacks again. This isn’t journalism. This is fanboy nonsense.

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    topgun966 says:

    No. Apple will NEVER do that. They have shareholders to answer for and MUST post very high profit margins. They handle volume just fine they wont be able to afford to sell cheaper phones out of the gate. Now the iPhone 5 in a few years for $200 maybe.

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    Boaz Thomassie says:

    They had a chance to make a cheap 7” tablet and they didn’t. Plus, isn’t an iPhone 3g pretty cheap?

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    genamthi says:

    Is this really happening? 2014? There are so many things that can be said which attribute to how irrelevant this speculation is.

    Apple has been making the most polished products for quite a while now, however, there is a mass of evidence accumulating that their brand integrity has been severely compromised. Different marketing style, different language, shift in focus, compromising on long held ideals, and the prospect that the iOS next iteration will make the most significant departure(s) yet. Recent trends and headlines are enough to support this.

    Contributing to that point is that this is speculation applicable to a speculative release 13+ months from now in an industry which is consistently noted as fast moving and sometimes unpredictable. How many other manufacturers will have a crack at this concept before then? This is what we call telegraphing your punches, Jobs’ Apple would have steered clear of such rhetoric.

    Ignoring how this prospective release would further compromise the Apple image, what of it, one might say; even if contradictory to what we’re used to seeing from Apple, they’re talking about releasing a lower end model to compete against what Google is doing on the high end for 100 dollars more over 12 months earlier? I could go on, but you get the idea. I like Apple, their OS’s, physical products and designs even. I enjoy seeing people I know enjoy their products, but I fear that their competitive image is waning, and that it actually makes the market on the whole less interesting.

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    Tony Hult says:

    I would never buy an iPhone. I’ve tried the iPod Touch 4G, and apps crash on that all of the time, even when I kill them. On my old LG Optimus V, they crashed only maybe 2-3 times in it’s entire life. And my LG Nexus 4 has not crashed a single app ever.


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