Nexus 4 shipping nightmare kills Christmas hope, Discussions

Google has certainly given fans of the Android platform plenty to think about in recent weeks with the release of the LG Nexus 4. There are many that prefer a Nexus branded device for the standard taste of what the operating system is supposed be like, and this has been reflected by the high demand for the device from Google Play with stock quickly selling out. Shipping for the Nexus 4 has turned into a bit of a nightmare for those that were in the hope of getting one by Christmas though, which has led to discussions among some of getting something else instead.

A couple of days ago we told you that Google had resumed selling the device on its Google Play Store but only in the US, and again there was such high demand for the handset Google’s systems struggled to cope with the amount of traffic to the site. Trouble is as we reported yesterday customers that are managing to get to the order page are being met with long shipping times.

The 16GB version for instance is not expected to ship until four or five weeks time that sees orders not arriving until after Christmas, which is now under four weeks away. Many will be wondering why Google are unable to keep up with demand, and would have hoped that more stock would have been available in time for Christmas.

We have even had emails from some Phones Review readers saying that the wait for the Nexus 4 may be up to nine weeks, which is over two months away and we all know how quickly new smartphones are becoming available. With this in mind there may be many Android users thinking of getting a different handset instead of the Nexus 4, especially if the device is wanted in time for the holiday season.

It also has to be remembered that the Nexus 4 at the time of writing is only available again on the US Google Play Store, and customers in the likes of the United Kingdom still have no access to the handset. The supply issues may be down to manufacturing problems at LG’s plants but it will be embarrassing for Google regardless of where the blame lies.

If Google could offer some kind of email notification system for potential buyers of the Nexus 4 would help matters, then at least those wanting one won’t have to keep checking on the Google Play Store for stock availability. Obviously consumers can purchase the Nexus 4 from other retailers either on a contract or SIM free, but prices workout a lot more than they do on Google Play.

As this problem continues some of our readers have been saying they are seriously thinking of giving up trying to buy the Nexus 4 via Google Play, and are considering getting a different smartphone. Previously there have been rumours that more manufacturers would be allowed to release Nexus branded hardware, so if true it may not be too much longer for such devises to become available and add more choice to the mix.

Android fans also have the flagship smartphones from the likes of Samsung or other handsets from LG such as the Optimus G, and that is not forgetting the recently released HTC DNA or One X+ to choose from. Are you considering getting a different smartphone now instead of the Nexus 4?


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    Stretchie says:

    Why don’t Google learn, it’s not the first time this has happened is it.
    I’m not after one but I was one of the lucky ones that got the Nexus 7 on time and without any of the build issues. I am looking forward to the Nexus 5 though, I’ve had my HTC Desire HD for 2 years now so due a new phone, especially if priced like the Nexus 4.

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    Whitchurch says:

    The way Google is handling this is really embarrassing. I’ll never buy it on the high street because of the insane price difference but at the same time I feel cheated by Google’s astonishingly poor customer service (when will new stocks be available? why can’t I prepay and reserve one? What’s the point in creating such a hype when you don’t have enough goods?).

    Believe it or not this was going to be my first smartphone.

    Chances are I’ll be sticking to my old crappy phone for quite some time.

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    Wozn2 says:

    Going to keep my RAZR and hang on for next year now. No point getting a Nexus 4 and live with it’s shortcomings (battery, SD slot) when the SGS 4 is just around the corner. I reckon this will be the first and last nexus device LG ever make!

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    Jonas says:

    What rustles my jimmies is that your posts, Mark Chubb, that are always old news. Tens of hours or a day. Your news are always reposts. Could they be just stealth edited? Not only, that, they are always on the top of Google News page, your yesterday’s news.

    I can see how it makes your life easy. Still, don’t be afraid to be the first mover.

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    Jason says:

    9 weeks. Well 2 months is about 1/5 of the way to obsolescence in this market. I was going to get one, but if I have to buy something and wait for it to show up and then have some other product out there better, I won’t be happy.

    Granted, I am still using my Galaxy Nexus and it is still on the playing field. Perhaps the N4 will be as future-resistant.

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    Constantine says:

    I agree with everyone else. However I don’t think Google could be that stupid. They probably had a deal with O2 to limit their own stock otherwise no one would be silly enough to go to O2 to be ripped off by them if they could buy it more cheaply direct from Google. However I spoke with an O2 rep who said that sales on contract of the Nexus 4 have been slow and they have not sold a single one of Pay and Go (£399). So customers are a lot more savvy than they thought. Delaying the phone any further will put it in direct competition with much newer and better specked hardware such as the Samsung Galaxy 4, the Sony Yuga and HTC Droid. Bad mistake Google. All you have done is ensured that you have alienated customers even before they became customers, quite a feat in my books! Unless there are quality issues such as poor call quality and rumours about the glass back cracking just with temperature changes…….

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    Rampant Stiltskin says:

    SGS 4 or SGNote2 for me I think. This handset doesn’t really cut it, and the prices on contract are ludicrous. No microSD expandability either or 4G compatibility, and that for me is a deal breaker.

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    Shaun says:

    i don’t really think any of you guys who say “time to look somewhere” else will actually do that :/ .its 279 for a smartphone that will rival 500 ones. don’t be silly and wait until Christmas where hopefully 02 or carphone warhouse will put it on sale

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    Whitchurch says:

    Google has probably agreed on some idiotic exclusivity deal with the high street brands for the Xmas period but only a loser would pay £120+ price difference!

    They have totally screwed up their strategy.

    Wake up folks, no one is queuing up outside the O2 shops; there’s plenty of Nexus 4 supply on the high street and guess what…..


    LG is going to miss its Xmas targets by miles.

    What a shamble!

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