Samsung ATIV S delay adds 2 months to the calendar

Back on the 27th of last month we let our readers know that might be awaiting the arrival of the first Windows Phone 8 smartphone from Samsung, that the Samsung Ativ S handset had been delayed until the last week in 2012. However if you have steeled yourself for that wait, unfortunately you will be waiting even longer than anticipated.

The latest word on the arrival of the Samsung Ativ S to the mobile space comes from Sam Mobile who have it from an unnamed insider that Sammy’s first Windows Phone 8 smartphone believe it or not, has been delayed even further and will not be coming out to play in the last week of the year.

Apparently the release of the Samsung Ativ S has now been shifted to February 2013, and if that date holds true, (although the way things are heading it is possible the release could slip even further) potential owners of the Samsung Ativ S will have to wait another couple of months, and this is despite the device being pre-ordered for ages.

Word is there is a possibility that old Sammy will sell the Ativ S in a couple of countries before February, but no word on what countries that might be if true, but in general the smartphone will not hit the open market until sometime in February.

As stated before when the Samsung Ativ S was delayed, the delay is possibly down to the success of other Sammy handsets such as the Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Although it is suggested that Samsung simply isn’t ready with the Ativ S or that those pre-orders are just too large.

In any case, it appears that if you are one of those that have been waiting to get your mitts on the Samsung Ativ S, you will have at least another eight weeks to wait until you might be able to get to play with the smartphone.

Does this constant delay with the Ativ S annoy any of our Android readers who are waiting?


4 thoughts on “Samsung ATIV S delay adds 2 months to the calendar”

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    Jack says:

    Damn Samsung i waited for this phone for ages but now im going with htc 8x because it looks amazing. waited to long..

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    dnauk says:

    Bad move by Samsung, they will lose out badly on this, lot of people waiting for this phone and most will now simply lose patience and take the HTC 8X route. I am about to – I have one on trial in our company now and it’s great.

    These delays also indicate that Samsung is not taking WP8 as seriously as they should and their low priority getting it to market also indicates that they might give the same low priority to supporting it well when (and if) they finally do release it.

    Personally, I think WP8 will be THE hot phone system next year.

    1. Sorry but more ppl like to do whatever they want with their devices. Express yourself with your device especially for the price you pay for a phone nowdays. The Windows platform is boring and plain. If any OS takes a huge leap it will be RIMs Blackberry 10, now that looks like an incedible OS & some very sleek & sexy looking devices to run it on. Still nothing beats Android and never will, Nobodys got more resources to innovate then Google especially with Samsung adding its own amazing features to an already great OS. I know that Samsung is backed up with orders for the Galaxy S3 because Canadas provider Koodo is wai

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