Google should rethink plans for Windows Phone apps

Mobile applications have become big business in the last few years which has come largely because of the huge growth in the smartphone market. This has led to some applications becoming extremely popular with millions of users around the world on a variety of different platforms. It seems though that search engine giant Google should rethink its plans for Windows Phone applications.

On the day that Google Maps finally returns to the App Store for iOS and iPhone 5 users, V3 are reporting that the company has revealed it has no plans to provide dedicated applications for the new Windows Phone 8 platform or Windows 8.

The company is saying that its decision is based on the lack of interest from some of its business partners using the systems, so any development work on apps for the platform are currently on hold. Google’s Clay Bavor stated that the company are extremely “careful about where we invest and will go where the users are but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8”.

Google is instead focusing its efforts on improving its presence on the Android and iOS platforms by improving the offerings of the main applications it has on mobile hardware, and revealed that during 2013 it is set to make some large investments to create “beautiful mobile apps”.

It seems the company is looking to focus on its enterprise offerings as more people now own smartphones and tablets, and many of these users are now starting to use cloud systems. Google revealed that many companies it talks to are revealing that many people use up to five machines to access their data.

Having a good cloud structure is deemed important going forward by the company, but these can sometimes have some availability or reliability issues, which was seen earlier this week when both the Gmail and Google Drive services experienced some downtime for certain users. Bavor stated the company were embarrassed about the problems and had many people working to get the service fixed as quickly as possible.

The problems were found to be caused by a software update before being fixed by the company, but surely it would be better for Google to get its apps on as many mobile devices as possible? As we said earlier they have just released its Maps application on to the App Store even though Apple has its own offering available.

Do you think Google should develop applications for Windows Phone 8?


7 thoughts on “Google should rethink plans for Windows Phone apps”

  1. no …they should not develop for Microsoft… MS needs google more than google needs microsoft.

    If microsoft would stop suing all Android OEMs and extracting money from them, then maybe google would have a reason to reciprocate. Right now I do not see any reason to do it… Windows Mobile 8 is a potato, nobody is adopting it partialy because the best google apps are not there. Why should google help microsoft with windows 8 Adoption?

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    jay oak says:

    NO we on WP do NOT want any of google’s cr*p thank you very much. Google could only wish to have the product that is winbdows phone…I would not touch google (tax dodging) Cr*p with a barge pole

    1. Uau… someone is having a bad day! I am glad your like your windows phone… I just would like to let you know that microsoft also is a tax dodger… so if you are going to be upset because of that, make it about both companies.

      I personaly blame the government for allowing the dodging to take place. Companies have the duty to maximize profit for their shareholders and if government gives them a legal way of going so, that is what they will do… IT is caled capitalism…

      I also don’t like to see it… but all multinationals do it and until there is a legal framework to stop them doing it, they will keep on avoiding to pay taxes because it they don’t they are putting themselves at a disadvantage in relation to their competitors.

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        nik says:

        Nokia Maps are far better than Google Maps. I have tested both of them on Galaxy S3/HTC one X vs Lumia 920. Precision and location availability of nokia maps is far ahead of google. Google public transit is better than nokia for sure but rest of the app is crap. So no wonder google knows in advance no one will be willing to download their maps on windows 8 phone.

        Just without any experience commenting doesn’t make any sense just because you feel like that. FYI Ovi maps are known to be best maps in whole IT industry apart from Garmin.

        1. I also think ovi maps are good. But Google has more than just maps. If you do not use their services then you might not miss them.. But you also have. Have Google Gmail, Google. Plus, Google now is amazing and their YouTube app is also very good, allowing you even to send you videos to xbox and remotely control them.

    2. and as for the google apps, even Apple fanatics and ecstatic that google maps have returned to iOS… I think that maybe Windows mobile 8 would benefit from a few good google apps.

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