Santa for Night Return game includes 336 levels

Christmas is fast approaching, in fact it is only five more days until the jolly old guy dressed in red and white squeezes down everyone’s chimney, and if you or your children would like to pass away your spare hours leading up to the biggest family day of the year, and you own an iOS device, you can download and play a new unique Christmas arcade game based on Santa Claus magic, called Santa for Night Return.

There are two versions of the Santa for Night Return game, one for the iPhone, which has of course been optimised for the iPhone 5, and Santa for Night Return HD which is of course for the Apple iPad, and both versions feature hours of fun gameplay along with plenty of replay value.

The Santa for Night Return game for iOS has addictive gameplay along with nice sound, Christmas spirit and an interesting design, and in the game an ordinary guy called Arthur really wants to know just how Santa delivers all the gifts in a single night, and this is where the adventure starts.

Santa for Night Return features five mission types, thirteen major cities from across the globe, in excess of twenty-five obstacles to overcome, game secrets, over fifty unique gifts, visit Santa’s home in Lapland, features 336 levels to play, and you have to fight to grab the top prize, the cup of the Real Santa Claus.

When playing the Santa for Night Return game either on your iPhone or iPad, each level that you attempt to complete requires skill, logic and a quick reaction along with that important Christmas spirit of course.

The new game for the iPhone weighs in at 16.6MB whilst the HD version weighs in at 14.6MB and your iDevice has to be running iOS 4.3 or above to be able to play Santa for Night Return.

So if you happen to be an iOS device owner that enjoys playing games, and has a bit of spare time on their hands, or even if you wish to keep your kids out of your hair for a few hours during this busy time of year for parents, you can download the Santa for Night Return app at a cost of $0.99 from iTunes, or if you prefer the Santa for Night Return HD version the game costs $1.99.

Will any of our iOS readers be playing Santa for Night Return?

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