True or False app addictive like 4 pics 1 word


The increase in use of smartphones and tablet PCs over the last few years has seen the explosion in simple but highly popular mobile games being released, which are often free to download. Today we have news of the True or False app that is as addictive as the 4 pics 1 word game.

This recently updated game is brought to you by the same people that are responsible for the hugely popular 4 pics 1 word game, and this title looks to continue the trend of having a simple game that is highly addictive and can be enjoyed for hours.

The game tests users general knowledge and is packed with thousands of facts but some of these feature some tricky false statements, and can cover subjects ranging from film, music, geography, sport, science, and many more.

There are countless levels in the single player mode and you can always try and guess your way through all of them, and two players can battle it out playing the game on the same device. No pre-registration is needed to play the game and there are no complicated rules just simple clean fun.

In the recent update the developers fixed the sudden crash in single player mode, added new background music, added more facts, provided the multiplayer mode, and improved the performance with other bug fixes.

If you fancy giving True or False a try it can be found free over on Google Play.

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