iPad 5, mini 2 hope to boost Apple tablet sales


Earlier today we published the Apple Q3 financial results and it shows that iPhone sales was up on lasts years same quarter, the giants shifted 31.2 million iPhone’s compared to last years 26 million. iPad sales are down this year so what can Apple do to boost tablet sales?

Last year’s Q3 results showed that Apple sold 17 million iPad’s compared to shifting only 14.6 million iPads the same quarter this year, we believe that the iPad 5 and mini 2 will be the devices that boosts Apple’s tablet sales.

We are not sure if Apple will release the iPad mini 2 or iPad 5 this year, but no matter when they release they have to be something special so consumers will buy.

There are hopes that the iPad mini 2 will release sometime in October; we know that it will not be in September as this will be the month the iPhone 5S gets announced. There are many sites speculating when the next iPhone, iPad mini and iPad 5 will come but we have to all remember that these sites just speculate.

Apple needs to release two new iPad’s offering something special, and yes there have been talks of an iPad mini 2 with Retina display but Apple needs to offer more battery power to handle it. Reports have even come in about a 13-inch iPad, if this happens the tablet would have to come in at the same or lighter weight as the current iPad 4, maybe Apple needs to use different materials such as carbon fiber as this is super lightweight.

Both the mini 2 and iPad 5 needs to offer a whole lot more than we already have on the market today if they want to sell more tablets, what iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 features would you like to see to persuade you to buy one?


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    Harry_Wild says:

    Why does anyone what iPad 5 when you can get the iPad Mini Retina? It a full two inches bigger and who whats such a huge tablet?

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