Conceivable Galaxy S5 multitasking improvements


Having discussed what the Galaxy S5 design could be, we seem to have forgot about one of the other major factors, and that is the hardware. Samsung had made an error with concentrating too much on the specs of the S4 and did not give enough attention to the exterior, and so we feel they will either do the complete opposite, or look into both aspect and get the perfect balance?

The hardware is still important though, and if a recent rumor is anything to go by then we can expect Galaxy S5 multitasking improvements. The reason for this is because of a recent report suggesting that Samsung’s flagship Galaxy smartphone for 2014 will come with 3GB DDR3 memory.

It is hard to know if we should believe this rumor or not, but the same RAM could be found in the Galaxy Note 3 later this year and if this happens it is then conceivable to see the S5 making use of the hardware as well.

Many phone users seem to have an obsession with the speed of the processor, but it is not as important as RAM, because the more of that you have the more apps you can run in the background, which does seem of great importance to phone users these days.

2GB of RAM is currently the standard in high-end smartphones and increasing this is a must, and so we could end up seeing more handsets with at least 3GB of RAM in 2014. However, if the Galaxy Note 3 was the first to make use of more memory it will be a great selling point for the phablet.

While this does seem a nice idea, we find it hard to see Samsung being able to make use of the new 3GB DDR3 memory in time for the Galaxy Note 3 release, as the new hardware has only recently been announced.


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      squiddy20 says:

      Says the same guy who “knew” the US S4 would have 3GB of RAM, wireless charging, the Exynos 5 Octa, and “a pad” on the device to measure blood pressure/blood glucose levels (which would be a major health violation).

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