Samsung Galaxy S4 can now benefit from MoDaCo.SWITCH


Regular readers may remember that we recently wrote about MoDaCo.SWITCH software available for the HTC One and said that it might be available soon for the Samsung Galaxy S4. We have good news to pass on today as the Galaxy S4 can now benefit from MoDaCo.SWITCH that enables users to dual boot different operating systems on their device.

MoDoCo.SWITCH allowed HTC One owners to have both the HTC Sense version of Android and stock Android on their device, and there was soon a crowdfunding campaign to bring MoDaCo.SWITCH to the Galaxy S4. The mission was successful and the ROM is now available, although it’s the beta version and not the finished article.

This ingenious ROM is likely to be a useful addition for many Galaxy S4 owners, but for now it’s only available for those who have the GT-I9505 GSM-compatible model. It will enable Galaxy S4 owners to use stock Android or Samsung’s TouchWiz version of Android. Anybody who wants to try it out can download it for free, but please bear in mind that there will be the odd glitches and bugs as it is still in the beta testing.

If you choose to flash MoDaCo.SWITCH on your Galaxy S4 you will still be able to obtain root access afterwards. At Phones Review we can never recommend the use of ROMs, and if anything goes wrong it is your own responsibility. Nevertheless, we know that many Galaxy S4 owners will want to try out MoDaCo.SWITCH, so we like to give you the relevant information.

You can see a YouTube video demo of MoDaCo.SWITCH for the Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 below this story. If you want to go ahead with downloading this ROM then head to MoDaCo forums here where you will also find further details including pre-requisites and installation instructions.

We’d like it if you share your experiences of the MoDaCo.SWITCH ROM with us and other readers by letting us have your comments. Did the download and installation go smoothly, and what do you think of the finished result?

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