Microsoft Surface 2 drops RT, Tegra 4 outed


We’ve known that a refresh of the Microsoft Windows Surface RT tablet has been on its way for some time. This seems like it could be a costly risk by Microsoft considering the first Surface devices failed to take off in the way expected. We now have some further news on the new Microsoft Surface 2, which has dropped the RT tag from its name.

Back in June we told of a report saying that the next-generation Surface RT may be moving away from an NVIDIA Tegra chip to a Qualcomm processor, possibly the Snapdragon 800. However, last month we saw further leaks that suggested that this would no longer happen and that the new Surface RT would have a Tegra 4 chip.

This seemed rather an odd move to us, considering the fact that many tablet manufacturers are now using the Qualcomm Snapdragon chips, but it seems the Tegra 4 is now very likely for the Windows tablet following further news.

A new report firstly states that the new Microsoft Surface RT will now be called the Microsoft Surface 2 and also states that the device has shown up in a GFX benchmark test. The test database seems to confirm that a Tegra 4 CPU is being used (a Tegra 3 processor was used on the previous Surface RT).

It also appears to confirm a display resolution of 1371 x 771. Further rumors regarding the Microsoft Surface 2 are that it will be less expensive than the original version and that a 7-inch model is in development.

Are you waiting to hear more about the Microsoft Surface 2? How much would you be willing to pay for the new Surface? Also we’d like to hear your thoughts on the likelihood of a Tegra 4 processor, so please do send us your comments.

Source: Webtrek.it (Google Translated)

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