Galaxy Note 4 may have premium build


Leading up to the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 there were lots of rumours that suggested the device would come with an aluminium body, but instead we got the usual plastic frame. Now though there is the chance that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could have a premium build.

Since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 there have been continued rumours that a premium version would be made available, but Samsung’s J.K. Shin has stated that no such handset exists. He went on to say though that there will be a new Galaxy Note model due for release later in the year, which could be hinting the device could feature such build materials.

This comes after we recently heard that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could feature 4GB of DDR3 RAM as mass production had already started on the components. Obviously we will have to wait until a few months time to see if the Galaxy Note 4 finally loses its plastic form factor.

Do you hope the Galaxy Note 4 is made from metal?

Source: Phone Arena.


40 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 4 may have premium build”

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    Michael Dennique says:

    Yes, I would love Samsung to loose the plastic and replace it with a metal casing on their premium variants of smartphones & tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Note Series. i.e.: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Note Tablets.

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        MoreQuads says:

        Exactly, how many 10s of 1000s of phones did I idiot owners send back to China because they had scratches in the metal when they took it out of the box in the store.?

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      David Johnson says:

      For what purpose? To follow in the footsteps of Apple? Here’s the deal with aluminum unibodies;
      Pro: 1) It’s Pretty
      Cons: 1) Good luck swapping batteries 2) Goodbye, flex (yes, a little flex is a GOOD thing when you drop your phone) 3) Hello, permanent dents, dings and scratches.

      Chances are good that, whether it’s an aluminum body or plastic, you’re going to buy a protective case to prevent dings, scratches, scuffs and the glass…which pretty much eliminates the only “pro” I can think of for having an aluminum unibody.

      Anyone that has had a Note 3 and an iPhone will tell you why they don’t care WHAT it is made of on the outside… Because the iPhone has yet to match the useability, form, function and easy of use.

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        CE Lee says:

        I have a Note 3 and a 5c. Spot on. There is no comparison. Note 3 is way more capable but that’s why I bought it. Others don’t need the productivity features and that’s ok. Thankful for a choice.

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    Richard Yarrell says:

    Note owners DON’T care about this Aluminum/Metal VS Plastic crap it’s much important than that. Ask Htc who couldn’t get people to buy that crappy handset if you gave away for free.

    Note product owners own these products for the excellent productivity abilities, Industry leading features, and more importantly excellent battery life and perfect camera.

    At the end of the day either you can afford the real deal or step to the left and go buy those other bottom of the barrel handsets. Note products are far better than any other android handset period.

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      squiddy20 says:

      1. You claim “Note owners don’t care” about having aluminum as a build material as if you’ve gone to each and every single person with a Galaxy Note and asked them. I’m sure there are quite a few who, at the very least, wouldn’t mind aluminum instead of plastic.
      2. Just because the HTC One didn’t sell nearly as well as the S4, doesn’t mean it didn’t sell at all. Take your illogical fanboy BS somewhere else.
      3. Just like in my first point, you speak as if you know for a fact that every single Galaxy Note owner “owns these products for the excellent productivity abilities, industry leading features….” Some people just have the device because they think it “looks cool” or because a friend recommended it. Again, take your illogical fanboy BS somewhere else.
      4. On those carriers that still do subsidies, the Note series isn’t that much more expensive than a “regular” smartphone. Even unsubsidized, it’s no more than $100 more. On T-Mobile, right now, you can get the Note 3 and the S4 outright for $708 and $624 respectively. That’s only a difference of $84. So much for all your himming and hawing about “being able to afford” the Note 3. What a whackjob.

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        FHVoice says:

        You are surveying the wrong group. Find a significant number of smart phone users that choose not to buy a Note (but did buy something else) because of the Note’s body. Until you can demonstrate the are a whole bunch of lost customer opportunities, you really have nothing to support a move to metal. I am more than satisfied with mine.

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      Note Lover says:

      Amen, agree 100%! It’s nice to see that the majority of people feel the way I do when it comes to plastic/aluminum. I could care less about that and want the option to swap out batteries and upgrade SD card if I choose to. I love my Note 3 the way it is and even though I’ll admit I’m getting a bit anxious to see what the Note 4 has to offer, I will probably keep my Note 3 for another year. I love it THAT much! The specs will have to be really impressive to convince me upgrade this year…

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    Jeffrey says:

    For what they charge for these phones, they should be made out of solid gold. If they try to charge more for a metal casing, users will purchase the cheap plastic!

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    David Johnson says:

    For some reason, my reply to a comment was deleted, so here it is again.

    The only “pro” for an aluminium unibody construction is aesthetics; it’s “pretty.” The plastic that Sammy uses allows for some flex when you drop your phone, access to the battery (should you want to carry a spare or replace the original) and can take a decent beating without really showing its “battle scars.” Aluminum dents easily, scuffs easily and negates the ability to swap out your battery easily.

    Why follow in the aluminum body category? Chances are good that if you buy a premium phone (aluminum or plastic), you’re buying a case to protect it from damage (which pretty much nullifies the argument that aluminum is nicer looking than plastic).

    People buy the Note series because it fits what they want in form, function and usability. All of that comes from the internals, not the sheath they’re packaged in. If Apple made a phone that performed half the functions that the Note 3 has stock and managed TRUE multitasking, then I’d get one. But not because the thing is aluminum.

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    netplayground says:

    Plastic, aluminum or even GOLD as one person mentioned… they all end up looking exactly the same inside an Otterbox.

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    Ben Staymates says:

    I really hope they don’t. Even with my Note 3 ‘ awesome battery life I still carry an extra one on me. I own four batteries for my phone so I can literally go days, even up to a week without charging.

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    fluknick says:

    My first week release plastic Note2 still looks awesome (read flawless), and soon to be upgraded to Note4.
    I would much prefer the premium build option of being able to replace my battery, instead. Save the aluminum for Htc and iJunk.

    Don’t cave Samsung !
    …or at least give us battery access 🙂

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    diverdan says:

    Without battery access, all you will have is an iNote 4. I will not buy a phone without battery or sd card swappability.

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    Chuck says:

    I personally have no issues with the plastic body and would agree that it does resist the showing of wear and tear on the body vs a lightweight metal. As for me? My Note2 is in a case so no one can see the actual phone body anyway and my Note4 will also be cased. If the Note4 does get this “premium build” that’s all fine and dandy but at least allow access to the internals for swapping of batteries and sd cards and such. No accesss will steer this consumer to anotjer product

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      jason lipavsky says:

      Get an otterbox, my note 3 has never gotten warm and it safe in the otterbox for sure, keep the sd card and wireless charging and swap-able battery, best phone ever

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    Zeo Ice says:

    No, I wont buy a phone with a metal body. Plenty of reasons why, but the main one for me is, you can’t use wireless charging!

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    Dr. Mark Lipschitz says:

    With the exception of the S-Pen the Note really does not have as many compelling reasons to own one anyway.
    1) Other than music, movies and media the SD card is just not as important because you cant run apps from sd like you once could.
    2) Most other devices screens are becoming increasing larger, almost to Note size.
    3) Battery life has been more than acceptable for devices of this size.
    4) While many people love Sammy’s screens once you compare it to an IPS display it really is the devices weakest link.
    I am sure they will sell a ton but if the upgrade from the S4 to the S5 is any indication of things to come I think many people including myself will be disappointed.

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      trob6969 says:

      I bought into the ips-is-bertter assumption too until I actually compared my S4 side by side with my neice’s G2 and compared the same video from the same source at the same resolution to some real-life objects that I have that were also on the video being displayed on both screens. Not only did the S4’s look more pleasing to the eye but it also had more true-to-life color reproduction. People who don’t own recent Galaxy models don’t realize that out of the box the display is set to ‘dynamic’ which intentionally adds more saturation to the colors but going into the settings and changing to ‘standard’ shows how realistic the screen renders images. There are also a few other display modes as well.

      1. Reply
        Dr. Mark Lipschitz says:

        Not comparing the G2 to the S4. Thr G2 has color problems and it neeeds to be calibrated to really get the most of out of the display. Looking at the HTC One side by side to the S4 it becomes apparent how superior IPS technology is. That being said I will definately have to check out the S5 to see if there was any improvement.

        1. Reply
          trob6969 says:

          Specifically, what makes the HTC One’s display superior to the S4’s? Picture sharpness and clarity between the two look equal, color accuracy looks even (when S4 is on ‘standard’ mode). Contrast is MUCH better on the S4 and the display can be changed to suit the user’s taste so I’d have to give the win to the S4…before I bought the S4 I compared its veiwing quality to the other flagship phones side by side and couldn’t find one better.

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    boiblu314 says:

    People get to caught up in this Premium Build crap. Those metal devices with unibody build are more acceptable to heating up. Also with the software side when it comes to resets it’s much harder to do so with the devices that you can’t remove the battery. I personally am leading towards Software that’s what keeps the device fresh and popular not really the body that’s all show. 4GB of RAM would be amazing by the way.

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      andrew__des_moines says:

      The one major upside of a metal body is better heat dissipation. Personally, I would like to see a titanium or magnesium alloy body. Or better yet, Nitinol.

  13. I owned all Note models. Each became better than the prior model. I always felt that it wasn’t the material that made it premium, the word “NOTE” made it premium already! We are in a class above the rest. So, i feel that as long as we can swap batteries, have the Spen and when you hold it, it feels solid and thin, I’d buy it right now. Of course with 4G RAM & microSD card. Instead of metal or material used, what if, the innovation came from how ‘sophisticated’ it looked. Even a Lamborghini made of paper still looks stunning & timeless.

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    Ron Butts says:

    I say keep the plastic to minimize the weight and provide accessibilty to a removable battery and an SD card. Those are the features that make the phone more useable not a pretty metal case!! I have had the Note 3 for about 6 weeks now and love everything about it!!

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    ThatsHowISeeIt says:

    I’d much rather have the ability to replace the battery and SD card than a “premium build.” If I can have both, great but I keep buying Notes because I can replace the battery and SD card.

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      CE Lee says:

      I agree. Deal breaker if it doesn’t have either. That’s two huge reasons I will never own an iphone for personal use. I have a 5c for my business of developing ios apps. I use it as an ipod to hold my music from Amazon cloud player. I will make money off ios apps but not using the phone otherwise.

  16. Reply
    CE Lee says:

    Replaceable battery is more important than case material. Although the Note 3 battery lasts a long time and charges extremely quickly. I know iphone folks don’t think it’s important but I see them with their phones hanging off their power cables while they sit near it so it’s not stolen. I just pop in a backup (I did this for my GS2, haven’t needed extra battery for the note 3). No charger to carry around, no hanging out by wall jacks.

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    Michael Ferguson Jr. says:

    I could deal with an aluminum body….. but would feel better it it just had a better protective case like the Galaxy S Captivate had for just the back. I would only want what everyone else would want. Better Performance and hard drive space, more ram, better screen (a little bigger like Note 1 or 2 and higher HD Resolution quality, maybe OLED quality), more battery life and less hassle from the OS. What more could you ask for??? That’s as premium as it gets. Now if you want to pull an iPhone and go bankrupt….. you can’t blame that on the consumer.

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    VeganAria says:

    I’m just happy to have my Note & S-pen. Of course more speed and memory is always better. I always get a cover, so case construction is a non-issue for me. Just excited about upgrading:)

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    Samsungs best says:

    Samsung are ‘the only’ phone manafacturers in my eyes no one else has ever come close to building devices like them FACT im in no doubt the note 4 will contain 21mp camera, flexible display, 4gb ram and water & dust proof I know they wont dissapoint & no other company will rival them without copying FACT

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    disqus_sEKMZIauJ6 says:

    Im well happy with my Note 2 and would love to upgrade to Note 4 if the price and spec is right.

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