BBM for Windows Phone release reaffirmed, May to July

The BBM app for Android and iOS has been extremely popular and we’ve been following the progress of the upcoming Windows Phone version. Towards the end of February it finally became confirmed that the WP app would be arriving for summer, and now BlackBerry has reaffirmed that the BBM app for Windows Phone is targeted for a release between May and July.

This was announced by BlackBerry CEO John Chen at the company conference call when he said that the app would come to the Windows Phone platform in the company’s Fiscal Q2. That equates to the months stated above so it could arrive as early as two months time or at the latest in July.

At the same time it’s stated that the app will be pre-loaded for some Nokia Lumia phones in some regions. While we knew the BBM for Windows Phone was on the way, it’s still good to hear this confirmed again and know that the app is on track for a timely release. Are you looking forward to using the BBM app on your Windows Phone device?

Source: TechCrunch
Via: WMPowerUser

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BBM for Windows Phone release reaffirmed
  • Matt Watterson

    Good article, may have to check this out when it launches……

  • steve Ballmer

    Can’t wait

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