Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Nokia Lumia 1520, new vs old


The first Microsoft-branded Lumia handset is now available, but so far there’s no new flagship Lumia device. One of the larger Nokia Lumia flagships that is still standing its ground is the Lumia 1520 that released last year. While this is still a notable device it faces tough competition in the form of the new flagship phablet from Samsung. Today we have a video comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. Nokia Lumia 1520.

The Galaxy Note 4 has a 5.7-inch display and runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat that will be upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop. The Lumia 1520 has an even larger 6-inch display and launched on Windows Phone 8.0, now upgradable to WP 8.1. Both have very impressive camera arrangements that should appeal to potential buyers of either handset.

The Note 4 has a 16-megapixel rear camera with autofocus, LED flash, optical image stabilization, and video capture of 2160p@30fps or 1080p@60fps. It also has a 3.7-megapixel front-facing camera and a plethora of camera features. The Lumia 1520 has a 20-megapixel rear camera with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, dual-LED flash, optical image stabilization and video recording capability of 1080p@30fps. There’s also a 1.2-megapixel front-facing unit.

Galaxy Note 4 vs Lumia 1520 b

Below this article we’ve embedded a YouTube video from Phone Arena for your viewing convenience. It pits the Galaxy Note 4 against the Lumia 1520, and it will certainly be interesting to see which of these devices is the most versatile. The comparison begins with looking at the designs and some of the features, and moves on to the displays, the Android vs. Windows Phone experience, web browsing, and audio.

The video then discusses the camera capabilities of each and shows some sample images and video footage taken with the phones to compare. You’ll then hear details of call quality, and battery life before the summary. Ultimately the Galaxy Note 4 is felt to be the superior handset for specs, performance and features. However, it has a higher price tag and for those who don’t want to pay so much the Lumia 1520 still has plenty to recommend it.

The video below certainly offers plenty of useful insight into both of these phones and could help you to make up your mind about the best choice for you. It’s worth bearing in mind that we’re starting to hear about a device dubbed the Microsoft Lumia 1030 that’s rumored to have significant camera specs and could be unveiled in Q1 next year. Therefore, some readers may want to wait and see what that brings to the table.

When you’ve taken a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. Microsoft Lumia 1520 video comparison below we’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. Would you only consider purchasing the newer Galaxy Note 4 with its latest specs? Maybe you still think the Lumia 1520 still has plenty to offer despite its age?


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    Bio AE says:

    Of course it had to be misinformed and biased…
    Few ever fairly review Windows Phones.
    With the latest updates, the battery life destroys even the new Droid Maxx which has 600 extra mah.
    The problem that kills all androids is that the OS is not optimized for phones, so battery drain is always a problem, especially with Google services running in the background and documenting everything they can about you.
    3400 mah li-ion battery, + latest updates + light to moderate use = 1 week on a single charge.
    If you use a windows phone like I do, about 3 days on a single charge avg.
    Also it can be expanded by 128 gb aswell with a micro sd card. And apps can be completely installed on the card without having to leave a small chunk on the internal memory.

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      A Nother says:

      Android is not optimised for phones? Really? Neither started out as a true “Mobile” OS, both have been adapted to those platforms. Don’t fool yourself that MS WP8.1 is light on resources. Disable any background Google apps that you don’t want to run and you’ll find Android is perfectly capable of keeping up. Neither is particularly efficient compared to a proper, lightweight OS. Android certainly has it’s faults. I currently run both of them, and I find WP8.1 to be great, but it’s user interface seems more suited to a feature phone. It lacks customisation features and you have to scroll through one long menu. MS needs to decide on what it wants, because WP8.X, RT and Windows Desktop are a mish mash of styles, architectures and interfaces that just don’t work across the broad spectrum of devices they currently appear on.

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    VajraKING says:

    This may be true that the note 4 is a little bit more impressive.. However if the 1520 is still holding strong, then this means the phone was well made and thought through..i just switched from a Lumia 1020 to the Lumia 1520..i know that once The new Lumia line-up is finished and in the hands of consumers the Lumia phone will surpass and out perform the galaxy.

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