Lenovo Smart Assistant launched with Alexa for $130


If you keep up with our site, you have noticed plenty of articles involving smart home products or AI assistants. The Lenovo Smart Assistant will soon join the club and will be the first gadget to roll out with Alexa outside the Echo.

2017 could turn out to be the year of home automation. While we had hoped for a flexible future this year, smart gadgets and hubs have come on strong of late. We expected to see new ones at CES including the Woo Hoo Smart Hub, but it looks like Lenovo will join the fray as well. The Lenovo Smart Assistant has launched alongside several other smart gadgets and we’ve got the scoop on them all.

First up is the aptly named Lenovo Smart Assistant. If you are familiar with the Echo, you’ll be right at home with this one as it has Alexa baked in and carries a similar style. That said, it looks like a Lenovo/Moto branded device with clean lines and a shiny exterior. The system will work in the same fashion and can pick up your voice from up to 16 feet away thanks to an array of eight 360-degree microphones.

The Lenovo Smart Assistant has noise suppression but does not have a mute button like Echo or Home. That said, there will be a limited edition Harmon Kardon Lenovo Smart Assistant which will have a better sound system than its competitors. As you can see from the photos, it will be offered up in three different colors along with a sexier Black LE model.


In addition to the Lenovo Smart Assistant, the company also took the wraps off the Lenovo Smart Storage system. It acts as a digital hub for your storage needs at home and can sync between multiple devices. The NAS system has a variety of ports to go along with dual-band WI-Fi and is said to sport facial recognition through software to help organize your snapshots. You’ll be able to fit a lot of those on the Lenovo Smart Storage hub as it is offered in capacities up to 6TB.

lenovo multimedia 500

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention the Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller. This little sucker is a wireless keyboard that has a trackpad built into it surface. It has gesture support and is affordable at $54. As for the Smart Storage, it will have a starting price of $140 and arrives in May. The Lenovo Smart Assistant will drop at the same time as well at $130 for the regular model or $180 for the Harman Kardan edition.


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