Samsung Galaxy S8 accessory leaks new design aspects


It has been a busy week with rumors involving the LG G6, HTC Ocean Note and the iPhone 8 making the rounds. A Samsung Galaxy S8 accessory is in the spotlight today, and it may have tipped us off to a few design changes for the unannounced flagship.

You can’t hit the net without stumbling across a news piece involving the Samsung Galaxy S8. We still believe we are a few months away from actually seeing the handset, but that doesn’t stop the rumor mill. A Samsung Galaxy S8 accessory has spilled the beans on the device today thanks to a new render from Ghostek. The pictures show an upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 case, which means we may have gotten our first look at the handset.

The phone shown in the Ghostek Samsung Galaxy S8 case photos looks very familiar if you’ve been following the news. You can see the home button is gone and there is a slim Samsung logo across the bottom of the handset. Samsung Galaxy S8 That means the fingerprint sensor is under the glass as we expected. It’s a different tale on the backside however. While the camera sensor is in the same location, the flash is covered up by the case itself which wouldn’t fly obviously.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 accessory render is said to be based on factory schematics given out by the company. This render and the rest of them all share similar features including the big edged panel without a home button. The new bottom logo is something that has just recently been making the rounds and makes perfect sense considering the expected screen-to-body ratio.

In a nutshell, the design is probably “close” to what we’ll see as it’s not too wild, but just different enough to pull consumers in. We will have at least a month or longer before we find out what the final Galaxy S8 design will be, but expect to see more leaks before that day arrives.

source: BGR


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