Nokia Edge smartphone is pricey concept


A cool name can make a world of difference to smartphone manufacturers. The Nokia Edge doesn’t currently exist although you can bet it would sell like wildfire given the name. Especially if it looked have as cool as the renders we’ve uncovered showing a concept bearing the same name.

The Nokia Edge renders come from a video posted on YouTube showing the handset from a variety of angles. The first interesting feature to notice would be the bar across the top. It is an interesting approach considering most phones use the edge, and this one has a big edge on both sides. The back of the smartphone also shows a fingerprint scanner. This gives more users room on the front. We’re not sure of the build material used but the Nokia Edge specs show it to be water-resistant.

That front panel, it’s about as edgeless as you can get. The sides on the Nokia Edge wrap all the way around, quite a bit further than what we have on the Galaxy Edge series from Samsung. The top bezel is skinny but shows the company’s branding while the bottom keeps things tidy. There are no potential Nokia Edge specifications given, but the rear sensor reads as 23MP. That’s quite large, and one could only imagine the rest of the Nokia specifications.

nokia edge

HMD will have their hands full filling orders for the Nokia 6 release and the potential Nokia 8 as well. They are going to release a variety of handsets in 2017, and the Nokia Edge could potentially be one of them. We don’t imagine it would like anything like the concept shown but only time will tell. One thing is certain, it’s is only a matter of “when” not “if” we’ll see a Nokia Edge smartphone as long as the edged trend continues.

How much would you be willing to pay for the Nokia Edge price?

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