US Receives Samsung Galaxy Note


Over the last few months here at Phones Review, we’ve brought you many articles surrounding Samsung’s new Galaxy Note smartphone come tablet device. Packing a 5.3-inch display and Android Gingerbread OS, with Ice cream Sandwich to follow at a later date, we’ve spoken about its official specs, comparisons to other devices such as LG’s new […]

Pink Galaxy Note anyone?


If you want a device that stands out amongst the rest and is not just a smartphone, then the new Samsung Galaxy Note may be an option, the device acts not only as a phone but a tablet with the aid of a stylus or S-pen. Before we refresh you on its specs, we wanted […]

Spend £120 Galaxy Note vouchers until 31 March


Samsung’s new Galaxy Note smartphone/tablet is another to add to the existing line-up of impressive devices, whether it’s the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2 or even news of the Galaxy S3 that’s rumoured to be announced March 22nd at a special Samsung event. Today the Note has caught our attention and news that users of the […]

Galaxy Note vs LG Optimus Vu, could be smaller option


Since the mobile phone arrived in our hand representing the shape and weight of a brick, technology has moved on with phones becoming thinner and lighter whilst at the same time incorporating a different range of features.

Best Buy selling Samsung Galaxy Note (Bell & Telus)


Samsung has and still is taking the world by storm with a multitude of devices, whether it’s the popular Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus or even the latest Galaxy Note which is due out soon. Along with this, a new Galaxy S III smartphone is in the pipeline, although as to its official announcement still […]

New Samsung Galaxy Note update: Stunning enhancements


South Korean company Samsung have brought out some pretty impressive handsets over the last few months, namely the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, Note and what looks to be the forthcoming Galaxy S III, rumored to be showcased at the February Mobile World Congress event. Today the news is centred on the Note and a […]

New Galaxy Note battery ups by double


We’ve covered the new Samsung Galaxy Note on a handful of occasions including in December, when we spoke about the possibility that the new smartphone/tablet device could be coming sometime this year to carrier AT&T.

Samsung sale figures rise, Galaxy S II & Nexus aid


Although Apple have now brought out the new iPhone 4S and it’s proving a must have for many consumers, it’s fair to say that South Korean rivals Samsung have had a fantastic 2011 and we’ve still got a few weeks to go until the start of 2012.