T-Mobile Sidekick II Phone

T-Mobile mobile Sidekick II phone is probably the most must have product in the USA but what about here we ask ourselves in the UK, well we must say it will do just as well here because it is an awesome phone that has many features. The first Sidekick was kind of boring and awkward to say the least but now they have pulled something out of the bag to make us well say WE WANT ONE.

It is so much smoother to use and so much easier, this is a mobile phone and a miniature laptop as well all in ones pocket. The design of the SK2 is so much better than first being a size of only 130 x 66 x 22 mm and weighing 198 grams which is not that bad considering all it does and the size of the screen.

The display screen can rotate 180 degrees which reveals the keyboard underneath which is quite nifty, it has rubber bumpers that can be removed (these run along the top and the bottom of the SK2) and come in array of colours which is a good fashion thing. It has a 2.75 inch TFT display and with a superb 65,000 colour screen plus is readable in the sunniest of day which is very good indeed.

You can store up to 2000 contacts with enough room for 5 numbers in each entry in this phone come laptop which also has a calendar, to do list and note pad are some of the little features you get. If you love text messaging, web surfing or emailing then this is why this is a good choice.

It also has a VGA camera which has 3 resolutions — 160 x 120 by 320 x 240 and 640 x 480) with a built in flash to make pictures that much better. You can store up to 36 images at the top highest quality mode, it has a speakerphone which is well worth it which you can activate once a call has been started and you can hold up to 10 IM conversations at once.

Features/Specs —
– GSM 850, 1800, 1900
– PDA, Swivel, Sideaways, Hiptop OS Form Factor
– Li Polymer Battery
– 32MB Memory
– VGA Camera of 0.3 megapixel with flash and night mode
– Speaker Phone
– Wallpapers
– Screensavers
– Games —J2ME
– SMS and MMS Messaging
– POP3, IMAP4 and SMTO Emailing
– AOL and Yahoo Chat
– Auto Text
– Intellisync
– GPRS class 10 Data Speed
– Calculator, To Do List and WAP danger browser
– 130 x 66 x 22mm
– 198 grams

Here is a picture of Paris Hilton Holding her Sidekick II

Bling it up

The Sidekick II is available exclusively through T-Mobile for now.

What do you think of the Sidekick II?


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  1. Well Aly thanks for your comment and my answer would have to be at 130 x 66 x 22mm that is not really big considering what it can do, well saying that what i mean is that maybe to an adult who have bigger hands no but then to someone young of which their hands are smaller maybe yes it is.

    Can anyone answer this question of Aly’s please he has a point that should be answered.

    Thanks again Aly

  2. Well personally i think an eleven year old has no reason for a cell phone, especially not a sidekick…but I am sixteen and i just got one, and I think its the perfect size…though for an eleven years olds hands…it may be a little large.

  3. Sian says:

    heyy i live in England and i really want a sidekick but i can’t find anywhere that sells them over here!! Could i just ask how much would a sidekick usually cost?


  4. Hey!
    I live in Canada and i am in love with the sidekick phones! but i don’t know if i can get one in Canada or if i bought one in the U.S.A and if it would even get coverage in Canada! does aybody have an answer for this?
    Please help me to find one!!! or if anyone has a sidekick 2 that they want to get rid of please post something so i know!!

  5. Hey
    umm the sidekicks are really kool and there the best phone i think thats been invented and im like going to die if i dont get one.lol . Umm….can you please give me a price range of how much they’d cost.

    thx RAE XXX

  6. liam says:

    hi i live in england and i am i love with the sidekick 3 emiily where do you get them from in england? can anyone help me get one or has one they want to sell i will pay up to £150 or maybe a bit higher for a new one
    please let me know! thanks

  7. bridget says:

    hey im from australia and i didnt know about the sidekicks untill now and they rock and i was just wondering if you can buy them over here and much would they cost coz i really want one thanz!!!

  8. rona jeanne says:

    its really cool… i wish that my idols haylie ang hilary duff.. will give it to me…LOL… sidekick 2 and 3 are not yet know here in philippines… i wish i can have them this coming x-mas..LOL…

  9. mika says:

    Hello! I really really REALLY want this phone! But I dont live in the states or uk,where else can u use the phone?can u put a pre-pay simcard in it??
    xoxoxo mika

  10. Kiki says:

    hey i have a sk3 and im movin to england in a about a week i dont want to change my phone i jus want to know if they have it overy there and how much does it usually cost..

  11. ash says:


    I love the sidekicks.too bad I dont see them selling out here in the nice tropical island of jamaica.well i wonder if you can buy one on the internet

  12. Nicole says:

    Hey =]
    I’m from Scotland and really want a sidekick! Can someone please tell me how much they are and can you get them on pay as you go?

    By the way, I’m not 100% sure but you might be able to get them from the T-Mobile shop. Don’t hold me to that though! I’m going into Glasgow this Sunday so I’ll check and let you guys know =]

  13. leyla says:

    hi,my name is leyla and i come from chile. I want to buy a sidekick by internet ,if you read this please answer me by my mail . Other immportant thing how much will it cost?. BYE

  14. Sinead (: says:

    hiya. just wundering, i am about to get a sidekick from the t-mobile website. and i wanted to ask were can you get the diamond cases for them dos anybody know?
    Comment back on here. Thank-Youu. xx

  15. Kiimberley says:

    OMG! I have seen so many sidekicks oan the telly. Ive explained them to my mum and im trying to get one. If youu are wonderin ware to get them, just go on to Ebay.co.uk or Ebay.com. Alot of people have them up for auction or buy. They usually come in great condition it depends on the description.
    Hope i helped.

  16. Kiimberley says:

    You can get diamon cases on crystaliced.com, they have all different designes and colours. They are quit dear but they look worth it. If youu watnt to sell it, it usually depends on the quality and condition. Also on Ebay, youu can get unlockin codes for about either 5.00 dollers or 5.00 pounds. Im not exactly sure but its round about that.

  17. RYAN SCENE says:



  18. karina says:

    hey i have a sidekick || and its really kool
    but ive been having this phone for a while and im thinking of getting the sidekick id because its advanced

  19. Scene Kidd Rhiann :] says:

    RAWRR :] Pahah!
    Hey, I Live In The UK And I Wantd Twoo Know How Much A Sidekick Would Cost…?! Please Answer Shumwun B’Cause I Really Want Wun… But Hopefully Im Gunna Get Wun Four Crimbo 08 or My B’Day!

    MrsIero xoxo

  20. mercedes mansell says:

    hi im mercedes i want to get a sidekick 3 but i cant find them anywhere in britian and ive looked all over the einternet and still cant find one please help me find one

  21. laura says:

    hi,i reeeeeeally want the sidekick 3 (i am also in London) but i have no idea how much it costs and i just got my last phone at the beginning of the summer.will the sidekick 3 still be available later?
    P.S Could someone tell me how to persuade my parents to get me the sidekick as a cristmas present)

  22. Josiee. says:


    You can get the sidekick in england but only the rubbish Slide which i hate!!

    I really want a sidekick 2 but t-mobile.co.uk only sold them for a day and a half and most of that time they were sold out.

    Someone needs to make them sell in the UK

    I dont care if t-mobile.co.uk sold them then you had to pay extra to get them from the US they have Tri-band they will work so what is the big problem why wont they sell them for Us?

    Why so only Americans Get them?
    Other People live in this world not just them


  23. Nick says:


    as said before (not by me, however…) all sidekick models are available on ebay, so long as you get a hard wired unlocked version of the phone it will accept any sim and your reception will be as good as it was with your old handset, this also applys to canada! lol

    anyway just make sure as per usual you get your’s from somone with a good history lot’s of stars on their acc etc….

    I personaly love all the sidekick range and can’t belive that T-Mobile got the exclusive deal and did nothing with it they need gathering up and shooting anyway, I’m off to ebay now to get mine!

  24. Nick (again!) says:

    OK people if you really want a sidekick, I can get you a Sidekick II which in my opinion was the best model for anyone who wants one for £160 GBP unlocked for all networks. email me at info@werbs-world.com and put the subject as Sidekick let me know your country so we can get the adaptor/charger right for you country and to make sure the carrier will work.

    delivery is aprox 30 days due to Import/Exportdepending where abouts in the world you are, and your phone will be FedEx’d at a cost of £10 GBP if it’s more we will absorb the cost.

    Just let me know! not trying to spam or advertise here but I love the phones and just want to help folks like me get the awesomeness that is the Sidekick II!

  25. lizzie says:

    wow i would love to get one! i got this in my e-mail but i really do like sidekick!!!!my e-mail had a lot of sidekick!but my mom and dad say it is a lot of moneny poor me! i what them to e-mail aigin me !!!!!!!!!!

    i really would love one so i think in ottawa they don’nt have any i can tell you that. so i think that . sidekick are the best i saw them at you-tube!

  26. Abbieeeee says:

    hey i have just dicsovered sidekicks , ive seen them before when i was on holiday in the U.S but i never thought i could get one , i have heard that they now do them in england , i really want one so please could somebody help me out ,
    where do i get one from?
    which model should i get , sidekick 1, 2, or 3?
    how much are they?
    what they do ?
    please give me as much info as you can 🙂
    many thanks 🙂
    if you reply i will reply back , thank you xxxx

  27. Ninnuh says:

    I live in the states They have MANY SIDEKICKS out right now we dont use the sidekick sidekick2 or sidekick 3 anymore well atleast I dont. the NEW ones are sidekick LX Sidekick Slide and Sidekick 2008 I am waiting on the sidekick 2009 . I dont know where the rest of you guys are from but im pretty sure u guys will not be having those for a whileee ! Im planning on selling da sidekick LX soon ! cant wait for sidekick 2009 !.

  28. Amz says:

    hey, does any one know if the sidekick 3 is coming to australia, coz i so really want one or has it already come out, i have been looking every where and i cant find one in australia, i dont think its out here but i dont wont to buy it off ebay coz then i cant get a good plan. SO PLZ IF ANY ONE KNOWS WHEN THE SIDEKICK 3 IS COMING TO AUSTRALIA PLZ TELL MII.

  29. Abbieeeee says:

    Okay so i think i want the sidekick LX i like it a lot but i want to find out more info about it , [Ninnuh] please can you help me and tell me loads about them, thank you , comment back as soon as you can 🙂

  30. Niinuh says:

    Hey [Abbieeeee] well I just bought one im actually waiting on it for here to come but from my past expirience a sidekick it’s good if you like to be on the web alot and on AIM YAHOO MSN ect…It has a mp3 player [ but u will have to buy a memory card for it] and also a taking pictures u know pretty much your basic things you probably like to do. I love it ! The only thing is that you have to be careful you dont flip the crap out of your screen because if u keep doing that your screen will get loose and pop off ! .
    but here is a website where u can check for the stats !
    LINK- http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/phone.php?p=1327

  31. Abbieeeee says:

    thank you [Ninnuh] for helping me 🙂 i am not really that i don’t really use the internet on my phone at the moment but only because it costs, how much does it cost to use the internet on sidekicks? and can you only get it on contract and only on t mobile ? cos i would prefer it on orange ??
    and can you send text messages to people who don’t have sidekicks or not ??thank you for all your help 🙂 write back as soon as you can 🙂

  32. Niinuh says:

    Your welcome [abbieeee] . Yea I also have AT&T also and I dont use the internet on there because they are expensive. Thats why I bought a sidekick. Well I live in the United States so it’s way different from UK im assuming . Unlimited internet, texting and and aim,yahoo, msn ect.. is 34.99 [U.S dollars] a month plus tax . [YOU ONLY CAN GET A SIDEKICK WITH TMOBILE YOU CANNOT SWITCH IT TO ANOTHER COMPANY ] and yes you can send text messages to whoever u want it doesnt have to be sidekick only. [ YOU ALSO HAVE THE OPTION TO MAKE IT A PRE-PAID PHONE OR A CONTRACT PHONE ] depending on you. Prepaid will only be [$10 U.S dollars] a week [$1 U.S dollar] a day !…

    take care –

    [ n ii n u h* ]

  33. Abbieeeee says:

    okay thank you 🙂 this has helped me a lot, i am not sure if i will get one anymore though, i still don’t understand it that well , people keep talking about unlocking them and stuff and if its mostly for internet use then its a waste of money, and i am not sure i can get it here, thank you very much though for all your help 🙂
    much appreciated xxxx

  34. Niinuh says:

    You can unlock that you have to find somebody that can . well yea it is moistly for internet and web email and all that but its useful for a phone too .. . .. .

  35. I think the sidekicks are an amazing phone. I just bought one off of ebay, so i wouldn’t have to renew my contract. I wanna decorate it like paris did, but i dont know where to get the dfecorations. Please help???

  36. Jaylyn says:

    T Mobile should come to canada!
    They would have alot of buissness because of the lack of selection in phones up here.
    I think it would be a great way for there company to expand

  37. Sophie says:

    hiya! I’m in the UK and i really want a Sidek!ck phone but i dont konw if the sell them over here… please help!!!

    p.s. can i get one on pay as you go?

  38. Aimeee says:


    I swear you cannot get them in the U.K at all, i’ve looked on the t-mobile website and asked someone, and she says they only do them in America :/

    If I buy one off amazon or ebay and they are ‘unlocked’ does that mean I can choose the network and tariff on it?


  39. Rachel says:

    Sidekicks are not avaliable to buy in England. You can buy them over the internet from America but it will not fully work as they have disabled the network in the Uk as people were not buying sidekicks in the UK when they were on sale.

  40. oliver says:

    hello, I’m oliver from Kigali Rwanda I need to know the realy price of SIDEKICK 2 housing because mine is very very old and where can I find it country and city if you have all adress it will be great to me I like to mi phone. Thanks

  41. I live in Denmark, and I’m in love with sidekick lx! – I just want to know, if I could possably buy it in this country? – I also want to know, how I can get it crystallized. I would like to have the same model as Paris Hilton on a sidekick lx – please help me.

    Emma xx

  42. Criipcee says:

    hii ii live in nz and my friend found a sidekik to at his birthday party how convinient huh..he loved it heaps and it jus came to him lol totally awesome ii think hehhe

  43. Hercules says:

    I have a sidekick 2 and i cant seem to get the coverage in Nigeria because thats where i live.I want to know if it can be used on other network.

  44. becccaaa says:

    hey i really want a sidekick but i dont no if they sell them in the uk and i dont no how much they cost? could someone tell me pleasE? xx

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  46. Abi<3 says:

    is there anyway you can buy a sidekick in the UK? or if i brought one that was unlocked over the internet would i be able to use it in the UK? and would it work fully including calls, text and internet? thankss Abi<3 

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