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We just want to say a personal hello to all our readers and wish you a very good time with us and hope that all the reviews we have done so far is to your taste, we are trying to do as much as we possibly can to help give you the best information on phones and anything to do with phones. You have probably noticed that we mainly do mobile phones but we will be incorperating loads of other ideas to make this the ultimate place to be on the net.

We are not sure if you have noticed but we have started REVAMPED our/your Phones Review Forum not so long ago and would really love for everybody to come in and enjoy yourselves whilst talking about everything to do with phones and more, you can register totally free which is totally free and then you can feel free to introduce yourself to the forum.

Go and take a look at our Phones Review Forum at let us know if you have any ideas or different categories you wish to be added, we are always here to make this the best and fun place to be, we do not believe in boring you to death we just want you to enjoy, have fun and yes ok then if you want to be serious about a topic then thats cool as well.

Come and join us by registering here or just have a look to see what you think here. Remember registrations are totally free with no hidden agendas, we ask for registration purely on the basis that you understand the agreement terms.

Thankyou for taking your time to read this and hope to see you soon in the Phones Review Forum.

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