Introducing Avaya One-X 9620 IP Desktop Edition Phone

This is a nice looking phone that is designed to be used as an everyday Telephone; this is a high quality phone that is packed with high features and specifications. The Avaya 9620 IP phone has features such as an interface with bright backlit display with more LED lights and buttons on this model as well, it has high fidelity audio which sounds great a clear.

Making conference calls with the Avaya IP phone couldn’t get any better really because of key features such as the high fidelity audio and one touch access features, the communication is a lot stronger and richer and with this enhanced audio feature it makes conference calls and one to one calls so much better which relieves you of having to concentrate harder on listening to the person on the other end of the phone and in that reduces stress.

To learn more about this phone visit Avaya for more information.


2 thoughts on “Introducing Avaya One-X 9620 IP Desktop Edition Phone”

  1. susan fish says:

    We use this phone for our home business. Pretty cool features…more than we’d get from a consumer phone so we’re really able to present a professional image to our clients. We don’t have a lot of technical experience but were able to set this up quickly on our own. We’re happy with the results.

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