The Release of the New Pantech IM-U140

Oh yeah this is the all new phone and more from Pantech and is called the Pantech IM-U140 and trust me when I say it is jam packed with the latest in technology, “so what does it feature? Well how about a 2.6 inch widescreen QVGA LCD display that also has a 30 degree angle mechanism for great viewing or 4 channel stereo speakers which gives you not the best sound in the world but still very good for a phone, these little specs are just for starters.

This is a mobile phone on steroids or shall I say TV no mobile phone no TV, confusing we don’t know what to call it so we are going to call in a mobile TV phone ah there you go we got it. Yes this is right you can experience great TV viewing with this device plus you get a 3 megapixel camera which has auto focus and white balance for great looking pictures. (Oh so now you’re a camera as well).

Pantech IM-U140 Specifications
– PictBridge
– MP3 Player
– 2.6” wide QVGA 262K colours TFT LCD screen
– Vibrating Touch Screen
– Satellite DMB Phone
– FM Transmitter
– Pop Up and Sliding LCD Screen (Auto)
– 4 Channel Stereo Speakers
– 3 Megapixel Camera with built-in image stabilization
– Multi-tasking Functionality
– Embedded Mobile Games
– Electronic dictionary
– 119 x 53 x 23.2 mm
– Weighs – 157.7grams

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