Revolutionary Bluetooth Parrot Nomad

This is the revolutionary Bluetooth device that will and could be much loved yes the Parrot Nomad wants to win your heart so let us see if it does shall we. This is the latest in Bluetooth technology and is a hands free kit that works very well indeed. The revolutionary Bluetooth Parrot Nomad is a great handsfree speakerphone that has quality in mind.

The design is very cool and up to date with the current standards of style, so now let us talk about what it can do shall we, the main functions of this is basically an hands free kit that you can with stick to your sun visor in your car for example that gives you up to 10 hours of talk time which in our eyes means great battery life plus the Parrot Nomad Bluetooth device has great sound quality as well with its high definition 2 watt speaker.

You get voice recognition which means you can call anyone that you have on your phone if you have already voice tagged them.

Other Parrot Nomad Functions
– Omnidirectional Microphone
– 3 Button Interface
– Built-in Voice Recognition with Voiceprints
– Parrot DSP2 Signal Processing
– Updates via Bluetooth
– Mini USB charger
– Weighs 104 grams
– 110 x 63 x 28 mm


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