LG CHOCOLATE 6 Months Half Price & Free Ipod Nano 4GB Silver

This is an amazing deal from THE LINK will be just what you want and yes to start things of you get the amazing sleek LG Chocolate mobile phone the LG KG800 which we all know is the sexiest looking phone on the market, when you buy this amazing deal you will get the LG CHOCOLATE 6 Months Half Price & Free Ipod Nano 4GB Silver.

The network will be with Orange and the Tariff will be Dolphin 35 which is shown below
– Landlines- 12p Peak (/min) – 12p Off Peak (/min)
– Same Network mobiles: 12p Peak (/min) – 12p Off Peak (/min)
– Other Network mobiles: 35p Peak (/min) – 35p Off Peak (/min)
– Voicemail: 20p Peak (/min) – 20p Off Peak (/min)
– Texts: 12p each
– WAP: 3p
– Picture Messages: 25p each
– Video Messages: 50p each
– Peak Times: Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm

You will get inclusive minutes & texts which are 500 (anytime) plus and network and 500 texts.

The monthly fee will be £35 (£17.50 with Cash Back) and yes you will also get a special offer which is in the form of a Free LG Chocolate phone and Free Ipod Nano 4GB + 6 Months ½ Price, the contract is for 18 months.

The Phone Technical bit
– Ultra Sleek Sliding Design
– Heat Sensitive Keypad
– 1.3 Megapixel digital camera
– Video recording & playback
– 128Mb built-in memory
– Tri-band
– MP3 player
– Java games
– Email Browser
– Bluetooth compatible

For more information about the Chocolate Phone (LG KG800) please visit HERE.

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4 thoughts on “LG CHOCOLATE 6 Months Half Price & Free Ipod Nano 4GB Silver”

  1. Leyton says:

    just goes to show looks aint eveything. Ive had numerous problems with this phone. Signal reception is poor, frequently drops calls even when reception is good. Battery life is really bad. Can show 1 bar of battery left then 5 minutes later will be showing max again. Ive lost numbers in my phonebook countless times. Camera operation is tricky. Texting is slow due to lack of response of buttons that need to be pressed firmly. Also seem to have problems linking to my PC. Does not even come with an in car charger. Roll on November when i can upgrade to a different model. Wont be buying an LG again thats for sure. (but it does look cool)

  2. Jasmine says:

    What Leyton said above is completely true and almost exactly how I would sum up this phone. Yes it does look cool, but it is very annoying when you can’t actually phone someone because there is no signal! It kind of defeats the purpose of even having a mobile when it just looks good and doesn’t even work…Oh well just 12 more months of this until I can change phones…

  3. Haley says:

    well i was really looking forward to getting this phone but i dont think that i will now because of the reviews on it! i really think that this phone does look cool but whats the use in having a phone that doesnt work well… oh well now i need to find another phone that i could have…

  4. james says:

    i took out this handset on an 18 month contract at christmas last year and it lasted me until uly, i took it back as it was not turning on and i was advised that it was water damaged, even though it hadnever bee anywhere near any kind of liqid, i was then told that they would notreplace it in warranty and that the insurance was nvalid with water damage. this is terrible customer service. its just a scam with phones cause they will never EVER last 18 months. i have never hada handset that lasts,but htis one was taking the top prize for badhandsets.

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