Sony Ericsson W880 The Thinnest Walkman Phone Yet

Sony Ericsson have just announced that the new W880 mobile phone will be coming soon and they hope that it will be the first half of 2007, the Sony Ericsson W880 is the most thinnest walkman phone yet (well as far as I know it is). There is not that much information on this model yet but going by the pictures you know that it has a brushed metal finish and that it is very thin indeed but what the actual size is I have not got a clue.

Sony Ericsson W880

Sony Ericsson W880

All we know is watch this space because we will let you know as soon as we know about the specifications and when the exact date of release will be.

Sony Ericsson W880

If you know of any more information then please do not be shy let us know so we can let all other readers know. Thanks


4 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson W880 The Thinnest Walkman Phone Yet”

  1. zouper says:

    the last pic is the ugliest sony phone i’ve ever seen.. even the graphic on the screen sux.. the whole thing looks like a homemade mobile phone essembled using scrap metals.. i think the pic is a fake.. from the sleek w950 to this?? i don’t think so!

  2. me says:

    the phon is nice but

    the last pic

    is sooooooooooooooooooooo ugly wat da f***

    it just turns me off the phone i was lykng it at first

    but then no the last pic is some rusty phone!!

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