The Nokia N93i Multimedia Phone

The Nokia N93i is near enough the same as its predecessor the N93 but just been re-vamped a little bit, like the N93 the N93i will still have the 3.2 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss optics and 3x optical zoom with auto focus and close up mode. It will shoot up to 30 frames per second and create slide shows from your best pictures.

Nokia N93i

The N93i looks a lot better with a new shiny look which is better that the black N93 and this N93i comes this time with a mini USB connector which replaces the boring old pop port connector and it will work on WLAN — 3G — EDGE and GSM networks.

Nokia N93i

You can record up to 90 minutes of video footage with the expandable memory which come on is a whole film, the mirror styled effect on this sexy new N93i looks stunning and also features a sexy new RAZR keypad plus it also has a new LCD screen at the front which will tell you who is calling which save you opening the phone my friends.

Nokia N93i

The Nokia N93i will be released hopefully the first quarter on 2007.

What do you think of the N93i?

Nokia N93i

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22 thoughts on “The Nokia N93i Multimedia Phone”

  1. 82 says:

    This Phone looks awesome. I was recently interested in purchasing the Nokia N93 but this revamped//restyled version looks twice as cool. It’s a big Phone but for what it can do that’s the price you have to pay.

    So does anyone know when and where this phone will be available on Contract?!

  2. I wanted to know the price for nokia n93i. i am very interested in buying that mobile phone. if you could get back to me with the best price i will but it straight away. i thank you for your help on this matter.

  3. sivakoti says:

    This is siva from bangalore in India.
    I like Nokia N93i in terms of design as well as that features. i want know the cost price of that one.please let me know.


  4. Personally Sham i would recommend the Nokia N93i as this is an awesome phone, everyone has different preferences so it is up to you. I have the N93i and i really do like it. I cannot say to you which one to buy but i can recommend one. If anybody can help Sham please do my friends

  5. Jotaaro says:

    sham mate,i have excectly the same question of yours.p990i and n93i?but i still have no idea when the amazing stuff will launch in uk though…in my view, n93i has a definitely better display enviroment and camera functions for fun, both of them have just ENOUGH features that is worth their pay.really want to know when will this be available in uk?cheers

  6. Sham says:

    Thank you guys for ur help. I guess ill go with the nokia N93i as it is very stylish. Jotaaro, if u like alot of programs and want a buissness phone go for the P990i but if u want a stylish phones and good camera phone go for the N93i. I have gotten more intereseted in the N93i. Anyways thnxs for ur help

  7. Lost my phone in a stupid event (i swear won’t go again) and when checking nokia website, this baby pop up in my mind. Would like to know how much this baby cost and when it will be available in Malaysia market? Can’t wait to try it..

  8. Angie says:

    I have the N93, and have to say I love it. I waited a few months for it to come out. I came upon this by mistake and thought wow. But after reading about the shorter battery life (N93 has a nice long battery life, can text all day and only lose 1 bar) I am not so sure. I love the smooth front, and it is sleek looking. Unfortunately I am not a fan of silver on mobiles, makes them look cheap. The N93 I have is all black. If they came out with an all black version I would be willing to get this next time even though the battery life is shorter. It definitely has the wow factor and those people who don’t like the N93 for it’s brick like feel will like this, even though it’s still on the big side. But hey, I like bricks.

  9. becky m says:

    Plz can you tell me how much because i want it for my birthday whih isnt that soon but i need to know how much it is plz get back to me

  10. Puia says:

    bought the n93i last week here in India and its a wow! phone ,the only exception beling the short battery life and the very limited external display.Costed me Rs 35,000/- bucks here-but then hey its got style, the video quality is superb, I had a P990i before this is way better i feel -looks stunning…..if youre going for style then this is the phone for you….this beauty costs….but then if youve got the bucks this is the best phone on the market now,..

  11. Shailajananda Sikder says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am interested to purchase 1 (one) Nokia N93i under the following terms and conditions:

    (A)Your well sealed and labeled original company box will contain –(1)Nokia N93i phone,(2)Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 PC software,(3)Nokia Battery BL-5F, 950 mAh,(4)Nokia Travel Charger AC-4,(5)Nokia Wired Headset HS-23,(6)Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-53,(7)Nokia Video-out Connectivity Cable CA-64U,(8)Nokia miniSD Card 1GB MU-24,(9)Nokia Soft Pouch CP-83and (10)Nokia Wrist Strap CP-130

    (B)Nokia N93i along with above 10 accessories to be sent through FedEx.

    (C) For bill collection of the same, you will submit 2sets of shipping documents viz.(1) Invoice ,(2)Insurance policy,(3) prepaid FedEx bill,(4) One year warranty card and(5) packing list to your nominated bank available in Dhaka with a copy of the same to my referred postal address for payment to your nominated bank and to collect shipping documents from them to take delivery of the consignment from FedEx courier service.

    (D) Delivery of the consignment will be taken from FedEx after inspection in presence of FedEx’s representative(s).

    If you agree to my proposal as per referred terms and conditions at £160 including courier charge, you may inform me by e-mail and send me goods immediately to my under mentioned address.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

    Address: C/O.M N Shikder (Partha)
    67/1/A, Zigatala,Dhanmondi,
    Mobile Phone No. :+8801715154824

  12. Suraj says:


    After digging all NOKIA SHOPS and all NOKIA PRIORITY DEALER at Kolkata at last I got N93i.
    Today I have purchase this cooooool N93i and I have pay 37500/- earlier I had N93


  13. krishna says:

    till now i bought 3phones for my wife but bad luck is got snatched by 2 unknown bikers from her hand while she is on phone with me n travelling in bandra n khar and 3rd one some thing wrong with thephone and nokia service center said its not repairable and from that time i’m trying to buy new one but not gettin thru in any shops so please please help me to buy new nokia n93i phone please


  14. spacehunk007 says:

    hey ppl i av a new nokia n93i for sale its 3 weeks old so new’ish then lol its unlocked and boxed up..its currently on my gf’s ebay two ..ends in 4 days…got my eye on summit else but if ur intrested then i want £300…im from lincoln….email me for details spaceboy007@hotmail.co.uk

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