I have not got Crabs I have Virgin Lobster 700 Mobile Television Disease

Sorry about the title but hey it is fun, the point we are making is that there are phones then there are PHONES, do you see what we mean. The Virgin Mobile Lobster 700 Mobile TV phone is not only a phone but also a portable mobile TV and DAB digital radio.

This mobile is pretty unique really which has been produced by HTC with a high specification, it is basically a smart phone which runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and has features like MSN, internet and email. If you like watching the Television then what about BBC1, E4 live broadcast, ITV1 and more for FREE and plus 50 DAB digital radio stations which you can choose from. The specifications and features within the Virgin Lobster 700 Mobile Television are all good and very much well worth buying.

Virgin Lobster 700 Mobile Television

We do not recommend mobile phones if we think they are a pile of poop, we are here to give you how it is being that good or bad, but must say other than this phone being chunky compared to a lot of other mobiles out there considering it is a mobile TV you would expect that. Buy here

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