By 2009 Fuel Cell Batteries will be in all Mobile Phones

By 2009 it is reported that STMicroelectrics hope to supply fuel cell batteries for mobile phones, this new technology that they are developing to power both mobile phones and laptop computers aim to have production of these fuel cells underway by 2009. Fuel cell batteries will be ultra thin and so much more efficient of course and these new class of batteries will use flexible substrates with PCP powered fuel cells.

It is said in 3 to 5 years these fuel cells will be a more viable mobile power option, what are your views on mobile phone fuel cell batteries?

Source — H 2 Daily


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  1. As mobile phones become more and more powerful, and as consumers demand more video, games and music on their phones, so the advancement of batteries actually becomes the most important thing. Mobile phones are turning into mini-laptops, and the only way that this can be sustained is with longer and more reliable battery life.

    Ben Padstow

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