Sony Ericsson W580i Mobile Coming 3rd Quarter of 2007

Another new mobile phone from Sony Ericsson called the W580i will be coming soon around the 3rd quarter of 2007. We think this phone will be released in North America first then hopefully other countries after that. The Sony Ericsson W580i has features including a Camera 2-megapixel with Digital zoom 4 xs and Picture blogging plus Video record mode.

Sony Ericsson W580i

The W580 will also have Bluetooth technology and Bluetooth stereo (A2DP), check out the full Sony Ericsson W580i specifications below —

– MegaBass, Music tones, PlayNow & TrackID
– RSS feeds, Web browser Access & NetFront Web Browser
– Bluetooth
– Modem
– Synchronization PC
– USB mass storage
– USB support
– 3D games
– Java
– Radio
– Video Clip
– Video streaming
– Polyphonic ringtones
– Speakerphone
– Vibrating Alert
– Email, MMS (Multimedia Messaging), Predictive text input & SMS long (Text Messaging)
– Sound recorder
– Navigation key
– Picture wallpaper
– Wallpaper animation
– Walkman®
– Alarm clock, Calculator, Calendar, Flight mode, Notes, Phone book, Stopwatch, Tasks & Timer
– Up to 370 hours standby
– Up to 9 hours talk time

Expected Q3 2007

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119 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson W580i Mobile Coming 3rd Quarter of 2007”

  1. Juliin says:

    Its alsp apersonnal trainer It keeps track of your progress in training. It counts your steps during a day and, if you want it to, it will monitor running speeds and performance is’tthat classic. I was searching for its compatible application on http://www.youpark.com but cant find any may be because its very very new.Anyway its comig soon in UAE.

  2. ds_man says:

    Wow…just realized this phone is available now..though sony ericssons page says it isnt …does anybody know if the black version is available as well for i have only seen the white and grey versions for sale

  3. ds_man says:

    Well, In the Sony ericsson’s page it also shows a black version of this phone. I think that at first it was only planned to go with grey and white but maybe along the way they changed their minds and added the black version as well for it was added some time later to the sony ericssons website.

  4. The Black version of W580i is Black/Orange. Which reminds of me helloween. I’d stick with my gunmetal grey. Only if the W580i black was same as S500i black/green i’d grab that color instead! Getting my phone on monday! : ) $140CAD

  5. ds_man says:

    Hey, for those of you who have had the luck to buy this phone..what do you think of it..downsides? How about the keypad , does it seems more stiffy now not to have the same problem as the s500i are having with crack keypads?
    Has anyone bought the black/orange version..how does it look and where did you buy it from?

  6. lisa. says:

    Mmm.. well I got my SE w580i yesterday and supposibly even though they have ads out with it in black they have no intention of making a black one, but that’s just what the person there at the cell phone place said. Only the grey/blue and the white/orange are out.

    So far, no cracked keys or anything but the arrow button thing?.. I don’t know if it’s just me but it’s pissing me off how it creaks whenever I push down on the button.

    Other than that, I enjoy the phone. It has some really cool and fun features.

    Another thing that bugs me though is that you can put music onto the phone but it doesn’t work if I try put a song as my ringtone.

  7. andrea says:

    i have the grey w580i and the keys DO crack, my number 4 has a crack right through the middle, it seems as if the ‘plastic’ is just painted onto the rubber and is so eggshell thin that in time i think all the keys will do the same, Im really dissapointed as I love this phone.

  8. Han says:

    Do The Keys Really Crack?!
    Im Thinkin Of Buyin The Phone & On The SE Site You Can Get It In Pink But No Where Is Sellin The Pink 1 🙁

    Is There Anyway/where You Can Get The Keys Fixed?

  9. EM says:

    the keys DO crack, ive had mine 3 weks, the 7 key broke last friday, i took it to the shop i bought it from, they replaced it no problem, started using the phone on sunday, and by this lunchtime (monday) my 4 key has cracked…. so thats two phones ive gone through now in just over 3 weeks, so im going to go change in tomoro… i am gutted though, its an amazing phone, best ive ever tried, and i dont think i’ll find one to live up…

  10. firat says:

    well i got the phone and my number 7 got cracked and i changed it.The guy who was selling the phone to me gave me a advice he said if you press on the center of the number it would’nt crack
    you guy are just pressing on the left or right side of the key

    by the way i got this phone for $100 cheap :b 😉

  11. firat says:

    well jennifer i got this phone in england and geuss what i got a 2GB memory stick with it for free!They give you $20 of credit for free!!!!!!!!!!!!
    😉 🙂

  12. amy says:

    The pink one i saw on the orange website. I cant decide which colour to get i would love the black one but its only out on t-mobile but i cant decide between the boulevardblack/blue or the white/orange

  13. Danny UK says:

    I have just got this phone, it’s great, there is only one small downside, being that I have to get a new memory card for it as I can’t live with 512 mem to house my phones and it takes an M2 card.
    Function wise though spot on, and I have in on contract for £35 a month, with a rather spiffy deal.

  14. alloha says:

    Is the black phone and the white phone different? or is it the same? because I wonderet to bay the white phone but is the black phone different than the white one?.

  15. TJ says:

    i got this phone on 10-10-07…. and it has been the best phone i ever had…..the camera is exponentualy clear…..the speaker is very loud for the size of the phone….the media player is great…you dont need to buy the softwear to download music to the phone….if you get this thone through AT&T it comes with free earbuds, free 250mb memory card, and the usb clable for your computer…. the memory card does well enough for storing music…..i have about 30-40 songs on it and i still have about 100mb left…..

    if your thinking abut getting this phone…..its a must….i would recomend this phone to anyone….

    it also comes with a step meter to show the amount of steps you take during the day…..it also shows the amount of calories you have burned…….

    one again i would recomend this phone to anyone…

    BUY IT………

  16. Sacha says:

    I got this fone in pink the only thing is on the black wel grey n white fone of it it has light effects on it to change the colour but my pink one doesnt and i got the pink one on contract!Woop Woop!lol

  17. Haroon says:

    I’ve had this phone for a week and really enjoy it. But I have a couple of questions if anyone can answer them.

    1 – Is there a program I can use to upload the correct filetype for ringtones?

    2 – How on Earth do I upload video clips? I can only manage to get the audio working for them, not the actual video though.

  18. hal says:

    stupid question-
    is there a way to make it so that when you close it, it closes out of everything?

    but yeah, i love this phone. it’s amazing.
    buy it if you are thinking of it. i have it in the white and orange and i absolutely love it more than anything. i know, LAME. but it’s a great phone.

    but yeah, is there a way to close out of everything just my closing it?

  19. firat says:

    to see the phone theme colurs you have to go to settings then sounds and alerts and then you go to call light then you can chage the colur of the phone

    any more questions anyone?

  20. amy says:

    the phone is crap i have had mine barely a week and the buttons have cracked right down the middle. i am so annoyed and if carphone warehouse think they can just give me the same phone again they have another thing coming i wanna swap this one for the nokia 6500 classic. its nice, slim, very sleek and its a nokia and i know that nokias are really reliable. i have always used them and i have never known one to break. Last time i try a different make of phones. seriously the w850i isnt worth the price and it hasnt got that much good stuff atleats with nokias you have the great snake game. seriously i expected better of sony erricson.

  21. Charlotte says:

    I live in Canada

    right now would be perfect time to live where u live Alisha

    Sony ericsson replied to my email and said they dont have it….whoever replied must have been a dumbass ccuz i called sonyericsson and the person said the black ones have the ditributed and its up to the phone carriers to order it based on if they think it will sell.

    for example, Rogers have order black W580i if they think consumers will buy

  22. Well, i got this phone yesterday (grey and blue)… Turned it on for the first time and was immediately in awe of the colours on not just the screen but the actual phone! The music quality is fantastic, and camera quality is satisfactory. Easy to download games from computer and themes too, these are the things that make the phone great! Anyway, I don’t know what else to say except I bought it from orange on pay as you go for £109.99 with 512 mb memory and cool stereo headset with button thingy you can talk with! I love that 😉 Anyway hope this helps and i’ll cya around

  23. Katie says:

    Hey guys, i like in the uk and i was thinking of getting this phone for xmas.Ive been looking at all our reviews n some were brilliant and really makes me want to buy the phone then others like the keys cracking etc put me off a little so what do you think is it worth the money?? And which colour do you think i should get if i get it ????? Please answer thanks xxx

  24. marisa says:

    Kate i reckon u should get the pink one. my keys havent cracked. i got mine from orange for £89.99 because i have been with orange for a while they gave me a discount. i think it is worth the money. hope this helps. please answer back xx

  25. amy says:

    it is totally not worth the money i thought it was such a great phone until i got it. although apparently the white one is fine. but i cant even get mine to send and recieve picture messages it is ridiculous. carphone warehouse are so gonna hear about this on friday. No way am i keeping this phone and paying for it if its gonna be this bad. seriously i would advise anyone thinking of buying it to look for a better phone. this is a huge let down for sony ericsson. i am converting back to nokia.

  26. morgan says:

    what colors does the phone come in im thinking about getting it.

    i really like it, its sorta like the verizon chocolate. i wanted a phone like the envy but at&t doesnt make it.

    im not exactly sure if this is the phone im going to get does anyone know any other phones that are good choices.

    i have to stay within a price range bc my moms getting it for me for my birthday

  27. morgan says:

    hey its me again, i got the phone today and let me tell you. i love itttt !

    it is amazing. fm radio really made me love it moree.

    the picture editor is awesome.

    id recommend getting this phone for sure

  28. sean says:

    hey im hopefully going to be getting this phone with orange soon and i wanted to know it has flash on the camera it would be great if someone could let me know thanx.


  29. phone guy says:

    this phone is great. If u like this fone get it. THe buttons dont go as well as i wood like them to, but this incredibly sleek fone is amazing it a a music powerhouse.

    If you would like to know more about this phone before buying it, visit cnet.com

  30. joel says:

    hal u have asked the same question sooooo many times!!!
    and i wish some1 would answer becoz i really want to know aswell…
    dous anybody know how to make all the programs running close wen you close the phone???!!!
    by the way this is an amazing phone i love it

  31. Panda says:

    I love this phone! I just ordered it and it should be shipping in any day now =).
    The keys shouldn’t crack if you use it carefully and if you press it in the middle instead of from one side. =)
    Also you can’t download music into your mp3 and make it your ringtone unless it is under 30 seconds long.

  32. Kelsie says:

    does anyone now how much this phone cost ?does anyone go to willow brook mall ?? its in langley.. cuz i wanan get that phone there and i wanan now how much it cost to get it from there

  33. heya
    i was thinking about getting this phone for xmas , however i am not sure that i will like it … i wanted the w850i but its too much money
    so has any one got some advice ??

  34. Mark M. says:

    I just got this phone, and really love all the features, but the materials are quite flimsy. I just realized that the glass is cracked to the right of the camera opening. I can take pictures fine but I’m afraid the crack is going to grow..

    And now the rogers store people are giving me a hard time implying I must have broken it. And this is only two days after getting the phone from them.

    Please be careful and check the phone, I was so excited it didn’t even occur to me to check everything on the phone.. they will give you a bloody hard time once you have bought it though they claim you can exchange the phone if you don’t like it..

    Like the phone, Rogers service could be better

    “disappointed in toronto.”

  35. elia says:

    hi, i want know if with this mobile i can use my own sim card..and i need to know if this mobile have the slope for sim cards and(the last, i promise:) )u can tell me if this mobile work in italy
    very very very thanks
    answere me soon possible,

  36. Will says:

    I just got this phone in a black/orange from the att store. Not a bad upgrade for $69 after rebate. I love the drag and drop option for songs and no need for disc2phone software(upgrading from a w600)The slide model protects the camera well and it takes decent pictures. The phone is small and will probably be easier to get a case for than my w600. Now for the downsides. I cannot use my mp3’s for ringtones! If anyone has figured out how please note so here! Also the sound is not as rich and loud as the w600. I guess the tradeoff is the size.The wallpapers and themes suck and do not show the pics in full size when trying to use them as wallpapers. One option would be nice is to make it easier to transfer files from the phone to the sim card. Also when you take pics and save them to the phone you cannot access them through a usb card to save to your computer. Im still playing with the phone but am on the fence about it now.

  37. ches says:

    Does anyone know when the w580i is coming out on other networks other than orange in the pink handset? because at the moment its only on orange and pay as you go.. but they havent told me when its coming out on other networks.. and i want it in PINK.. wb anyone who knows x x

  38. Karen says:

    I like this phone. Then again I’ve never really had a cell phone before other than a motorola flip phone which was really good to me. I’ve had the white version for quite a while now, (I think three months) for $100 on a $10/month plan and the keys haven’t cracked on me. This is pretty good considering the amount of times I text; which is very very often!

    I have a question as well. I’ve tried setting my mp3s as ringtones and I’ve even tried making them less than 30 seconds but unfortunately, my phone won’t let me 🙁 I’m thinking its Rogers is to blame rather than the phone.

  39. Ryan says:

    Hmm well i got this phone about two months ago, i am very impressed with it, though after a month and a half the 2 key cracked, and the space button stopped working. I took it back and the store gave me a new one, which really surprised me cause i thought i was going to have to go in and wait a month just for it to get fixed. Other then the key pad messing up on me, i am very happy with the phone.

  40. Will says:

    Well I uploaded a tv show theme song which was less than 30 second on there and it took it accepted it as a ringtone. Im with at&t so I dont think its the service provicer. I think sony ericsson figured out that they could get you to buy ringtones that way. Probably a design request from service providers. I wish there was a tweak you could do to make your mp3’s as ringtones. I miss that feature on my w600i phone.Sony should look into the customers preferences

  41. hal says:

    you can’t use the mp3’s you put on your phone as ringtones, but you can go to menu> entertainment> record sound
    and then record the song you want as your ringtone and then set that recording as your rington. it actually workds better than using mp3s because you can choose the specific part you want as your ring tone.

    is there a way to make it close out of al the applacations when you close the phone?

  42. marisa says:

    you can use mp3s as ringtones by going 2 the song in the music folder then open the file and select set as then select ringtone. there is no way of shutting the phone down and exiting the applications at the same time.

  43. anum says:

    i just got my phone like a week ago.i got the black/orange one, and guess what? THE KEYS CRACKED!! ugh! i barely had it and it cracked.the 1&4 keys.right throught the middle!!
    does anybody know where i have to send it to get it a replacement?

  44. Lisa says:

    I live in the uk I really want this phone for xmas!!
    IN PINK! but the pink one is only on orange at the moment:( does anybody know when it will come out on other networks please let me know!!!
    i really want it on virgin!!
    Thankyouu xx

  45. James says:

    Had Nothing But Bother With This Fone. Bought It A Week Ago And The Shaker Wouldnt Work. Took It Back No Problem, 3 Days Later A Button Cracked!!

    Great Phone But Rubbish Keys… Sony Ericsson Should Do Something About It!!!

  46. Lisa says:

    my dad went everywhere today to get me this phone in pink 4 xmas and they all said it was out of stock and we wouldnt get one but then he ent to phones 4 u and they had it! yeey i cnt wait till xmas

  47. hal says:

    my eight and nine button cracked.
    i brought it to the store and said i had to call to get it fixed. and then the people i called said that i would have to pay. and i don’t want to. and you can still use the buttons if they crack. it’s really not that big a deal.

    sometimes though, i will be using the phone, and all the stuff on the memory card goes away, all you have to do if take it out and put it back in, but it’s still a pain…

  48. lenny says:

    had the s500i worked on 4 times for cracked keys.
    finally replaced it with w580i and within a month the 2 key is cracked. funny because it was always the 3 key on the s500. good customer service but it sucks to be without a phone. i say dont throw away your old one if you buy this because you will most likely be using it again. sony should pay for shipping (they’ll give you the fedx number) after the first return. my sister has the same problem with her s500i.

  49. Alex says:

    I’ve had this phone for a week now and its great!!! The Features are really cool, such as the Shake Control for the built in Walkman player. The camera is great and has lots of cool options and settings.

    The only downside is that, the buttons on the key pad seem a little flimsy and the bottom right handside button is sticking, and they all seem as though they would fall apart or break any day. The phoone itself seems really fragile and as though it could not take one fall. The buttons sometimes creak a little, like the bottom navigation key. But other than these things, the phone has never froze, or slowed down yet, and the music capacity is great, and the video quality is quite good, and the music playback sounds great and it couldn’t be better.

    The phone is easy to use and has mamny options making it versatile and truly a good phone.

    I would recommend this phone over many others in its class. The Samsung phone that is out for competition against the Sony Ericsson is nowhere in comparison in the terms of camera quality, running capacacity and and reliability

    BUY THE SONY ERICSSON W580i, its worth every PENNY!!!!

  50. Im getting this phone on thursday for my birthday in pink!! my freind has the white and orange one, and its the best phone ever, the keys only crack if you drop it loads of press them too hard. The other best part is that when you buy it you get *sims 2* the game FREE! (on the phone!!!) Its realy good, loud and slim. The camera and graphics are really good quality and if your into music and photography then its perfect! Its really easy and simple to use, and also loads of things to explore! Loads of games, music, pictures and everything you could want one a phone!!

    If you buy it, take care of it and it will take care of you 😀

    Hannah x

  51. zoe says:

    i got my phone the black one about 3 weeks ago and the 7,8 and 9 phone keys have broke in half!!
    went to take it back to the shop (carphone warehouse) and they said i need to pay £85 to get them fixed which is nearly the price of the phone!! my bf paid £109 for it!!!
    such a rip off to say i havent even used the phone for 2 of the weeks as i were on holiday and its been out the box 8 days 🙁

  52. kel says:

    i really want the white one, but this person i know already has it and i know he’ll get mad at me if i get the same phone, so i think i’m getting to gray one, which i really like except for the fact that the number keys are kinda darkish looking :/

  53. Jan Alam says:

    Dear Sir,
    I was buy sony ericsson w580i but you says that talk time hours are 9 hours but when i used it it will atleast 3 to 4 hours talk time so i wana changed my cell phone.
    i am in canada and i buy it from Roger Wireless company so please salove my problem

  54. pink pwincess says:

    i have bought the pink w580i phone but i dont know how to change the lights.on the black phone all you av to do is go on calls.and the buttons are cracking!if any1 knows how yo change the lights please help me!lol.

  55. Sophii says:

    Heyy, Can Eny1 Help Me?
    Ive Brought The Sony Ericsson W580i & i Love It, But I Dont Know How To Change The Colour Of The Lights On The Side Of It. I Have Tried What Every One Is Sayin by Goin On 2 Sounds & Alerts… But It Still Wont Workk,, Can Someone Tell Me How To Do It Pleasee

    Ta x

  56. lind says:

    i got the pink phone ots really cool but the keypads omg i juz bought this phone in febuary and now the keypads are cracked ah!!and u can purchase this phone in subang parade

  57. leo says:

    I bought the sony ericsson s500i and i was wondering if there was a way to have my applications turned off automatically when i close the phone?


  58. Blaqfox says:


    i got this phone like 5 months ago, and its insane
    its worth the money, and i got a free 8 gb memory card!!
    my keys have broken, but they still work, so who cares?!
    its wicked quality, the sound is amazing, the applications button is so smart, and everything about it makes it the best phone…
    its easy to use, and the lights look mad.
    buy this phone!! (in Canada, from Rogers)
    the usb cable is so quick and good, it charges the phone, and you can put anything on it.
    you cant close it to close all applications, but just hold the return key, and it closes it all.
    this phone is narley, bro!

  59. Charliiee says:


    love the sound of this phone,
    getting it nxt monday yippee!!
    carnt wait 2 get it,
    is there anything else that can go wrong with this phone except the keys snapping

    thank you plz answer

  60. Jean says:

    I got this phone four days ago in Pink & I absolutely love it. I’m not a big Pink Phone person but I loved the shade of this SE.

    Unfortunately the rumours of cracked buttons are true. Mine starting cracking two days ago & the 2,5,8,3 & 6 buttons have cracks down the middle. It’s very irritating & I don’t know what to do because if I bring it back they will probably give me the same phone but what’s the point if the buttons break! :/

    & for people saying be careful with them & don’t press them on their sides, press them in the middle, that’s a bit ridiculous? You’re hardly going to be texting carefully if you send 100 texts a day! You can’t expect people to be ginger with their buttons! There’s no point in having a phone that you have to be careful texting with! This is my 11th phone & I never had to be careful texting just to avoid cracking the buttons! It annoys me when the sales assistants in the shops are saying that to customers!

    Apart from the cracking buttons the phone could do with a flash but it’s a good little phone that does what its supposed to do well! & some of the themes you can get are gorgeous 😀

  61. Hanz says:

    I’m really keen to get the S500i or this one but if the keys crack I don’t want to, it sounds an amazing phone and even though Im careful ith my belongings I just dont trust it. This is the 2nd website Ive been on for reviews and there are sooo many complaints about the keys.

    Do any of you know of any similar phones?

  62. man i dont know what to think no more well i do but ya just made me lose my happy ideas of buyng this phone i was so xsired wen i saw it and i was going to chose betew the iphone and this phone i would chosen this phone but know that i hear that the keys crack in not so xsired after and i love texting most of the time i like to use it becuzz im at school and ya know (cant use the phone at school) so we text is more funn:) but man i dont know to buy this phone no more what do you guys think???????????

  63. Peach says:

    i just got this phone and it rocks! i got the whitish silver one and i totally love it! i am not worried about the keys cracking because i dont text. i fell in love with its camera and the light-up buttons!

  64. Blu says:

    I dont know if it’s just me, but my phone wont let me set my sound/voice recording as a ringtone??? Can anyone pleeeease help me!

  65. SUBASH says:

    I think this is the best phone i have ever bought
    ilike it so much its musical sound and ear phonic
    Mind-blowng the Model of Mobile so sexy
    my nmber keys are cracking its my quite small comment buta all are good and its mine favourite mobile

  66. I am rev Chris Harrison and i am Interested in buying some of your product which is W580i and it will be Picked Up After Payment have been made and what i want to know now is the Types of Sony-Ericsson W580i that you have In stock now and also the Prices and if you do accept credit card as a form of payment so that i can proceed with This Order
    best regard

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