Phones Review Reader Says: Nokia N95 It’s Awful

We wish to say thanks to Stew – One of our readers called Stew has posted a comment on the Nokia N95 and does not seem happy with it, he said that on paper looks amazing, in reality, it’s awful. I’ve had this phone a week and find, as a phone, it’s terrible. Compared to the K800 I was looking to replace, the interface is terrible, listening to people and making yourself heard is difficult, it constantly opens up and you find the display may be right way up or sideways when you pull it out of your pocket and the GPS is unusable.

His main point to this is – Wait for something else – this is a non starter.

Thank you Stew for your comment our readers will appreciate your input.


One thought on “Phones Review Reader Says: Nokia N95 It’s Awful”

  1. I’m on second N95 in two weeks when the first one developed a fault I went and bought a second because I can’t be without it. The GPS is fine as long as you stand still with a clear view of the sky for the initial lock, even walking speed will prevent a lock being obtained, once locked it’s pretty good at tracking
    The 5mp camera is great if you have light and rubbish in low light – no phone does this well, the video quality is astonishing.
    The battery life is low for a phone – I get about 12 hours but few people use their phone like I do it will last about 3 days doing nothing.
    Call quality is great and 3G download speeds are fantastic
    The nokia software is as usual clunky but all round I give it a thumbs up

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