Tiger hates phones: Elin Woods has baby

Tiger hates phones but at least he and Elin Woods love their baby. Ok the title is messed up but hey that’s fun, back to mobile phones sorry, last year Tiger Woods broke his concentration because mindless spectators was taking pictures of him via their mobile phones. Ok yes this happened last year but it is a great story that we are bringing up again.

Some stateside tournaments have banned mobile phones from the links for spectators, but for some reason have trouble bringing the ban under the British Law. Read the debate question below.

Now some exciting news —
Tiger Woods and stunning wife Elin Woods aka Elin Nordegren have just had a baby girl, they are over the moon now they have a baby daughter named Sam Alexis. Sam was born on Monday 18th 2007, “Both Elin and Sam are doing well and resting peacefully.

Now to the debate —
1. Should mobile camera phones be banned when golf is in play?
2. Will the birth of baby Sam Alexis affect Tiger Woods golf?

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