News Groups, Publishers & Webmasters: Can you help Phones Review

Calling all News Groups, Publishers & Webmasters:

My name is Mark and I run this website 7 days a week and as many hours as I can possibly put in, normally about 15 hour days, there are other authors who write on Phones Review which is a great help indeed. My site as you can see is called Phones Review and is an information based site. We give all the latest information, reviews, news, and debates to do with phones.

Phones Review readership is growing rapidly with over 200,000 impressions a month and getting higher in the ranks, but we need more exposure. The more exposure the more readers will subscribe to email and RSS feeds this in return will make the site much more popular and gaining higher in the rankings.

I would appreciate it if you could review my site anywhere you feel fit and get my site much more known; this would be very much appreciated. This is my passion. All we are asking is that if possible try mention our name, Review Phones Review and even much more of an impact if you could publish some of our reviews on your site.

We believe in ourselves, do you believe in us as well. A very good saying that many have used is “Give the small man a go you will be surprised of what he can achieve if he is supported.

So please News Groups, Publishers & Webmasters: Can you help Phones Review?

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