Nokia 7900 Cool Design: Is this a rumour or is it in fact true?

Is this a rumour or is it in fact true? This new Nokia 7900 has to be the best designed phone from giants Nokia EVER but it stands to reason seeing as they come up with new ideas all the time, we are not sure how true this is and that is why we want to know if it is true or not. Nokia have come out of their shell on this one which is way out of the comfort zone on design. By the looks of the picture and specs sitting by the side of it the Nokia 7900 seems to have 3G, 1.3 MP camera and 1GB of internal memory, it also includes WCDMA and quad band GSM, QVGA display. The size is apparently 11mm thick. We will let you know more when we know more, but if you know something or anything about the 7900 please do share it with us and our readers we are intrigued.

Nokia 7900 Rumour

Source — Nokia Port via Gizmodo

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